All About Blue!

I have thoroughly enjoyed House Beautiful’s latest issue, All About Blue.  It is full of great paint and fabric samples, so if you are thinking of redecorating and love blue, run out and grab the issue while it is still on newsstands!
I am a big fan of all things blue and wanted to share with you some hints of blue as seen in my Westchester home, which I will soon be putting on the market for sale.  All photos are Copyright Melissa Hawks, The Well Appointed House and may not be used or copied without permission.

These are cabinets in my kitchen containing blue and white Antique 19th Century plates (at top)  and bottom, some of my Herend and Villeroy & Boch plates.  My collection of cookbooks are at bottom left and I have some fabulous and rare vintage editions! (Photos Copyright Melissa Hawks)

Here is my family room.  Can you tell that I love blue?  (Photo Copyright Melissa Hawks)
It is a cheerful and much used room by my entire family. (Photo Copyright Melissa Hawks)

A set of my Pastoral Toile Change Trays that I have hung with blue plaid ribbon on an overhang in my kitchen.  They can be yours for just over $300 for the set by clicking here
This is the backsplash in my kitchen.  I had a blue and white custom flower basket design made and executed by an artist and tile company. (Photo Copyright Melissa Hawks)
A downstairs guest room that my au pair lived in.  I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls to keep it bright and happy.  (Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
The White Ceramic Elephant Side Table at the foot of the bed I lent to Domino Magazine for a photo shoot before they folded (I miss them!) and you can see how it can be used just about anywhere!  It can be purchased here.  The lamps are from my website, too.
I have blue and white out by my pool as well….and I love to pull out a number of beautiful blue and white porcelain garden seats and planters out around the pool area when I am hosting parties.  

(Photos Copyright Melissa Hawks)

There are more hints of fabulous blues in other rooms in my house.  I did one of my daughter’s nurseries in blue, which was a nice change to pink!
If you are looking for some fabulous new blue and white accessories, take a look at my Blue & White Collection at The Well Appointed House and read past blog entries such as Blue and White and Everything Nice, where we go inside style-setter Aerin Lauder’s Hamptons home.
Here are a few other blue and white rooms that I have enjoyed:
(Photo from House Beautiful)

(Photo from House Beautiful)

(Photo from House Beautiful)

Designer Robin Bell fills this Florida house with color!  Photo from House Beautiful
I just love this bathroom!  This photo made it into the binder I keep of fabulous home design ideas!

Interior design by Kim Coleman & Michele Green; Photographs by James Merrell – Photo from House Beautiful

-Melissa Hawks
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  1. mermaidden

    I love blue too, Melissa. I need to pick up that issue! Just about every room in my house is a shade of blue, and I never get tired of it. I absolutely love the Gothic doors on the Florida bathroom above. How special are they?

  2. Villeroy Boch

    Melissa, you have very nice and clean house. Blue is just perfect with those white cabinets and all. Keep posting and putting those amazing pictures of your house. I’m going change the color of son’s room next week. Thanks for the idea.

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