Things We Love: Our Pampered Pets

As we continue to count down the things j’adore at The Well Appointed House there was something that we just couldn’t deny: our love for our furry, four legged friends.  Recently our pet department has gotten a major overhaul, because you can’t keep your home’s decor in tip top shape if your pooch’s landing pad is lacking.  Here are some new great pet products, and some old standards, for those little fellows you can’t get enough of.

The Capistrano Dog Bed comes in either green or brown and features a bird and flower motif; what dog doesn’t love to chase birds and what decorating diva doesn’t love a great print?

Look how sweet these little pups look cozied up on our Central Park dog bed, available in four different colors, so there is one to match any color scheme.

 Sometimes in the stormiest conditions even your love isn’t enough to keep fluffy and muffy warm.  That’s where the Bungalow Dog Blanket comes in.

 One side fleece and one side faux suede, this plush blanket comes in black, cream, pink or blue.  Its a perfect gift for that special someone in your life, no matter what your pet’s size.

For the doggie and dog owner who only the finer things will do, the Breckenridge throw is perfect for the two!  Plush and luxurious, this throw comes in small or large for doggie and in a large (48×78 inches) for humans.  On one side a rich, thick faux suede and the other a plush faux fur (no animal cruelty here, obviously).
Fur throws have been getting a great deal of editorial attention of late as the accent for your home; with this throw you get the best of both worlds, something to keep you two warm while creating an elegant, pet friendly atmosphere.  For the very pampered pet, there is another way to really show them you care.  At The Well Appointed House we have a collection of custom made doggie mansions that will certainly make Fido feel you only have eyes for him.
This Colonial Mansion for your kept pet makes the kind of lawn ornament a well appointed homeowner can live with.  If you want a dog house that best reflects your own, contact The Well Appointed house for pricing information and be sure to check out the rest of our custom made dog houses.  So when you are spending your Valentines with your human companion, don’t forget to send your furry one a little love!
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