Happy 40th Anniversary, Earth Day!

Today marks the 40th Anniversary that we have celebrated Earth Day and after attending a lecture on going green for the home yesterday, we at The Well Appointed House have never been more committed to the term “going green.” Although there is no LEED standard for how we live our day-to-day lives, there are little things we can all do to make a big difference.  It is not only about respecting our planet, it’s also about taking care of ourselves and our families.  To retouch upon what we reported yesterday, its important to get your kids started off on an eco-friendly foot from the beginning.  We all want to give our children the best and keep them safe, which is why we are so excited about our organic crib bedding from Serena and Lilly.

Serena and Lilly is one of our favorite designers; they show that things can be made from organic fibers and not be “boring” or plain, which is an unfortunate connotation that comes with eco-friendly decor.  You can shop these looks in our eco-friendly section.

Also be sure to check out our organic baby comforter.  Its important to have a good base for your baby’s crib, so you can switch up the comforter as often as you’d like, but at least you’ll always have a great comforter.
Even your children’s playing can be ecologically responsible.  This Wiliamsburg English Garden Outdoor Table and Chair set is made from eco-friendly harvested Eucalyptus grandis wood and has a UV-resistant polyurethane finish. The added bonus? They are adorable and can match mom and dad’s set. The earlier you start your kids thinking about what’s best for the environment, the better. Kids are like sponges and your thoughtful practices will stick with them. Even when you take them shopping, little things like using reusable bags goes a long way.  We love our market totes by Lily Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler because they are for the environment on top of being totally chic.
Another key point that the panel touched upon yesterday at the American Museum of Natural History luncheon was the importance of “green” lighting. When you think of light fixtures that are “eco-friendly” personally, the following chandelier doesn’t come to mind…
Or this one…
You know, what… not this one either…
All of these chandeliers are exquisitely hand-crafted lighting fixtures; from the way these lamps are made to the how they are distributed, the utmost attention was paid to reducing their carbon footprint.  All materials are found locally and, whenever possible, fixtures are made from recycled metals and woods, taking disregarded scraps and creating beautiful one of a kind pieces.  Each product is hand crafted to keep emissions low and keep the process personal, eliminating factory reproductions; it’s just one welder and one torch. All fixtures take energy efficient LED lights, CRTs and Low Wattage bulbs, which not only reduces your family’s carbon foot print, it curbs energy costs.  Who knew going green could in fact save you some?  Lastly, these products are made to last.  The high attention to detail they have received from the start ensures these fixtures will be keeping your house green for years to come.  Click here to see the complete collection of our eco-friendly lighting and the rest of our collection that we continue to expand.
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Interior designers aren’t the only ones getting into the “green game,” fashion designers are celebrating Earth Day by donating to The Green Auction: A Bid To Save The Earth.  Vera Wang will be auctioning off a $10,000 gift card to her store and a chance to lunch with her, Angela Missoni is auctioning a custom fitting and lunch date with here, Giorgio Armani is auctioning off a couture gown to wear to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (!!!!) and Stella McCartney is giving away a custom fitted bespoke “his and her” suit made from sustainable fabric.  McCartney has been one of the most outspoken designers on the importance of eco-friendly fashions.  The designer, animal activist and vegan has long since opposed the use of animal skins in fashion and has incorporated “green” materials into her clothing and accessories line.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your tastes and on this Earth Day. We hope everyone looks forward to the next one, and that we all continue thinking about how we can all do our part to make our planet a healthy one!

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  1. Kimmy

    What an insightful post, I did not realize going green (clothing wise) can still be beautiful. And anything with Lilly or Jonathan’s name attached has to be uber chic, love it!

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