How Does Your Garden Grow?

Those of you readers who happen to know me personally, know that I love gardening.  It is right up there with tennis, boating and hanging out with my little ones on a sunny day at a playground (which I did this morning with my youngest!).  I find gardening to be incredibly relaxing and I think there is a lot to be said for getting your hands dirty once in a while and potting some plants.  It is amazing to plant and cultivate something through the season  and I am always one of the first to visit Sam Bridge Nurseries in Greenwich, CT when it opens!  Sam Bridge is a special place, I find it relaxing to peruse row after row of beautiful flowers.  They have so many greenhouses that are simply overflowing with spectacular specimens and gorgeous flowering trees everywhere and I find it very calming. If you don’t live in the New York City area, check your local area for nurseries or botanical gardens in your area to peruse and become inspired.  Check internet listings for fun gardens to visit with kids such as this Guide to Local Gardens at and plan a visit!  You can also check out to look for local garden and plant nurseries by state.  It is fabulous!

I have already done a bit of potting and here are some photos that I just snapped outside here at my home:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks – that is Kingsley Bate nicely aged teak you see underneath the pots!  For sale at The Well Appointed House)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

I posted some pictures of areas of my yard a month or two ago in my All About Blue article (because I have some blue on my patio furniture) and you can see the pictures there of the pool area.

Here are some pictures from my house last summer that may inspire you to break out the gardening gloves (or get a new pair!):

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
I am a big fan of boxwood.  These are by my front door:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
View from my front porch (of our current house, we are closing on a fabulous new, well actually very old house in Greenwich next week that I am excited to share – it is on almost four acres and perfect for beautiful gardens!  My friend and landscape architect, Susan Cohen, is already brainstorming ideas!)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
It may sound hokey to you city dwellers reading this but we really do picnic in our backyard when we are out in the suburbs!  Here is my au pair with one of my kids last summer quietly reading in our backyard:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
This is one of the fountains from my website – I have it out near my pool.  It is perfect – all you need is an electrical plug.  No plumbing required!    I love reading my latest issues of Elle Decor, Southern Accents, House Beautiful and Veranda while listening to the water and watching my kids play:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
If you are in the market for a water fountain, check out my collection of Fountains.  I try to pick ones that really just need a plug, no need for even plumbing.  The water gets recycled.  Purchasing a well-priced fountain and hanging it or placing it in relaxing area of the patio is such an easy way to add a spa-like zen feeling to your outdoor area!  They are reasonably priced, too!
Mandevilla with a row of hydrangeas in the back that I planted the year before:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
This is a fun garden that we put in last summer.  It is hard to see, but there are many rose bushes in the center:

(Photo copyright Melissa Hawks)
We have been hard at work updating our Patio & Garden collection with the best garden decor around!  My company, The Well Appointed House is known for a great selection of kids playhouses, address signs, mailboxes, birdhouses, birdfeeders, beautiful planters and urns, water fountains, garden statues and more.  If you haven’t looked, definitely take a peek! Here are some of my favorite items:
Our off-the-charts fun kids playhouses and treehouses:

Our beautiful wrought iron and teak patio sets (I just ordered yesterday the Westport collection for my next house – see the chairs below) – see The Well Appointed House for this and others.

We sell classic old wrought iron chaise lounges that are actually hard to find (some patio furniture these days is a bit too ornate):

We also have fabulous trellis panels that can be ordered as is or customized so that you can create your very own secret garden:

I have this Black Lacquer Lutyens Bench by my mud room door.  It is just $350 plus shipping!  A great price!

We also have fabulous outdoor items for kids (aside from the playhouses and treehouses, of course!).  Check out this Children’s Faux Bois Chinoiserie Bench and Chair!  Simply adorable! We have other child sized dining sets, sandboxes and more!

And finally, if you love potting flowers as much as I do, display them on this fun Lattice Wall Shelf for Clay Pots.  Hang it on a patio wall to add some enchantment!

Happy Gardening!
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