Decorating Christmas Trees: Theme Ornaments and Low Cost Options

If you haven’t yet had a chance to get your Christmas tree up and are planning to do so this weekend, here are some fun themed tree ideas from our friends at Country Living Magazine:

This one is really fun!  If you are a big clock collector, this might be right up your alley! Vintage clock faces have been hung throughout this fir tree.  It’s playful yet elegant:
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton
Who says you can’t use pink on a Christmas tree?  It is quite Victorian and pretty!
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton
Tie colorful ribbons around the clocks!  I’m sure eBay is a great place to score some great old clocks!!
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton
Pocket watches can also be chic! 
Photo Credit: Steven Randazzo

Make gift tags to mirror the clock theme.
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton
Another great idea, especially if you are planning to have a tree in your kitchen or eating alcove.  Display vintage kitchen utensils on the tree with pretty ribbon!
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

Hang vintage ornaments that you have collected on an old drying rack! 
Photo Credit: Steven Randazzo

Fabulous sparkly gold or silver vintage (or new) ornaments also look spectacular displayed in a bowl.  If you’re a city dweller with no space for a tree, this is a festive option!
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

Photo Credit: Steven Randazzo

You can also place them scattered on favorite family heirloom trays:
Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

An inexpensive holiday decoration is the candy cane!  You can buy boxes of them at your local pharmacy for practically nothing and place them around in mint julep cups in lieu of fresh flowers!  Put them next to a sink in a powder room for some charm!
Photo Credit: Don Freeman

Don’t forget hand strung cranberries!  Another low cost yet elegant holiday decorating option!
Thanks to Country Living for some beautiful photos!  If you are in the market for some holiday wreaths, visit The Well Appointed House.  They are currently 20% off!
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