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Tommy Hilfiger’s wife Dee with son Sebastian in his room in their Plaza apartment. photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar / Douglas Friedman

One of the true classics of summer style is nautical, nautical, nautical — think red, white, blue and pops of bright yellow; sailor stripes on everything from tees to towels; rope bracelets and belts; boat totes and deck shoes. Whether or not you are sailing around Nantucket, lunching at the yacht club, or pouring gin-and-tonics on your back porch, this all-American look is a warm-weather standard — one that easily translates into home decor.

Elle Decor / Roger Davies
Elle Decor / Michael Mundy
Elle Decor / Pieter Estersohn
House Beautiful / Christopher Baker
House Beautiful / Christopher Baker
House Beautiful / Christopher Baker
House Beautiful / Christopher Baker

Consider this when you are prepping your beach house for the new season or just making some sunny day updates for your home. Nothing says summer like nautical — and it’s a true perennial. (See last year’s post Shipwrecked Style). It certainly is simple enough to give your home that on-the-water feel (whether or not it actually is ocean-side) — an anchor pillow on your living room couch, lighthouse prints in your powder room or flag dishes for a summer dinner party. Not only do sailor-esque touches instant brighten a room, they add a crisp, tailored feel — which is nice when your family is running through the house with sandy feet and dripping swimsuits. Ahhh, summer.

Red Starfish Hook Pillow $58.00 (USD) excl tax

Dransfield & Ross Nautical Flagship Pillow in Navy or Red in Two Different Sizes $200.00 (USD)

Dransfield & Ross Knot Board Pillow in Three Different Colors and Two Different Sizes $190.00 (USD) excl tax
Signal Flag Pillow $140.00 (USD) excl tax
Six Black Framed Lighthouse Prints $181.00 (USD) excl tax
Titanic Mirror $77.00 (USD) excl tax

Sailboat Decoupage Wastebasket and Optional Tissue Box $126.00 (USD) excl tax
10-Inche Personalized Plate with Standard Nautical Design $26.00 (USD) excl tax

10-Inche Personalized Plate with Anchor Design $26.00 USD excl tax

The theme works especially well in a child’s — boys and girls — room. How cute is the boat-shaped bed in Tommy Hilfiger’s son’s room in his Plaza apartment, above? The traditional baby blue shade looks modern and fresh mixed with pops of red.

Elle Decor / Simon Upton

House Beautiful / Eric Piasecki

Hand Painted Sailing Ships Toy Box $1,972.00 (USD) excl tax
Whistle & Wink High Seas Bedroom Collection $59.00 (USD) excl tax
Art for Kids Hand Painted Nautical Hamper $405.00 (USD) excl tax
The Boat House Play Tent Collection $350.00 (USD) excl tax
Red Nautical Lamp $250.00 (USD) excl tax
Star Table Lamp with Windowpane Shade $228.00 (USD) excl tax 
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