The Stylish Picnic

A day after the royal family made a stylish appearance at the Epsom Downs yesterday (see our report here) and with the Belmont Stakes next weekend, tailgating and chic picnics are likely on the minds of many!  Record warm weather is hitting the United States this week and schools in many areas will be out for the summer.   Taking some time out of our fast paced lives to have a quiet picnic with family and friends is a low-cost way to socialize and relax in beautiful surroundings without having to spend on a pricey meal.   Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to break out your picnic baskets, plaid blankets and thermoses!  Here are some photos for inspiration:

Nothing beats an outdoor meal and kids love to take their plates and cup outdoors for a change of pace!  Here we see Caroline and John John having a picnic on the White House grounds April 1, 1963.  (Photo from the John F. Kennedy Library)
Sophia Loren having a bite under the sun in this LIFE photo.
Grace Kelly looking perfect, as always, having a cliff side picnic in To Catch a Thief (1955).
The Well Appointed House has some elegant picnic wares.  Here are some of my favorites:
The Hunt Picnic Basket is $298 and is a luxe way to carry all of your picnic gear to your destination.  Leaving nothing to chance, it comes with four plates, wine glasses, stainless flatware, cotton napkins and cups for four people.  As if that’s not enough (!) it also includes a food cooler, insulated wine pouch, hardwood cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, a wood handled cheese knife, a waiters corkscrew, flask and a fleece blanket (for snuggling)!  Wow!
If you want a similar basket, but for two people, check out our Chesterfield Picnic Basket, $185.  It has similar goods, but for a couple, instead of a family!  What we love about this set is that you can pick your plates!  If you want a more feminine version of the basket, select the “Gazebo” plates:
Simply charming!
Last but not least, is one of my absolute favorite items.  It’s the Foldable Picnic Table that we sell at The Well Appointed House!  It really is a fabulous Father’s Day gift — it’s great for families on the go, taking a road trip or a drive out to the country!  Make way for scenic stops with this unique portable dining table!
The best part of all is that it’s only $170!  It has seating for four people!  Upgrade your picnic ‘wardrobe’ and plan an outing or tailgate soon!
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