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There are just two days until Christmas!  Shoppers are still busy shopping on our retail site, The Well Appointed House, where we’re currently offering 20% off many items.

It’s been a busy week on our Facebook page.  If you haven’t joined yet as a follower, “Like” us there and you’ll get access to sales and tips.  There was a lot of sharing and commentary from our followers.   Here’s a sampling of some of the images we shared this week.  Some of our favorite sites and smells of getting into the holiday spirit.  Take a look!

Photo from the Camilla at Home Blog
A whimsical Christmas tree!  Photo
Don’t have a fireplace?  Live in an apartment?  Don’y worry, just make a Santa key to hang on your door on Christmas Eve!  Photo  We also loved this table setting with the angel wings!  It’s the details like this that really make a table!

We loved these decorated Reindeer Donuts!

This was a cute one!  If you’re familiar with the Elf on the Shelf, then you know how hard it is to keep the elf on the move in interesting spots around the house!  We do this at my house…
In this case, the mom painted the kids’ noses red while they were sleeping…and set up the elf like this for them to find.  Photo
Another cute idea!  Candy Cane placeholders.  Photo
Great idea from the “Not so Idle Hands” blog.  Flour and glitter to make Santa footprints!  
We love the wreaths on the windows in this charming room!
A fabulous idea from!  Christmas tree cupcakes made with upside-down ice cream cones!
We got many laughs from this Christmas Card!
We’re not sure what’s really going on here, but we were intrigued by the Christmas tree shape of this one made out of lightbulbs!
Can you imagine coming upon this tree magically lit in a forest?  Perhaps in a dream on Christmas eve?
This was a favorite!  A classic!
A delightful Santa’s Brunch!  Photo

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