New Wastebaskets!

I’m always on the lookout for fun, colorful and sophisticated wastebaskets for my retail site, The Well Appointed House.  I always say that there are a few things to quickly spruce up your home for guests.  One thing to do that’s nice is to have a powder room that is kept neat and tidy for guests – with some lovely hand towels, a fresh candle, a sweet smelling room spray and elegant soaps.  Perhaps some fresh flowers and a nice wastebasket and/or tissue box.  The wastebasket sets are fun because you can change them ever so often to keep things feeling new.   Here are some “just added” wastebaskets from our retail site. Take a peek!  We’ve got geometric patterns, traditional floral prints and some more modern, punchy blooms!

Why not order some personalized soaps while you’re at it!  They also make nice housewarming gifts!
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