Wildlife Conservation Society Gala 2012: The Coasts of Patagonia – Last Night at the Central Park Zoo

My husband and I were thrilled to be a part of the “Gala Leadership” for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s 2012 benefit, held last night at the Central Park Zoo.   The theme of the evening was “The Coasts of Patagonia”and the evening’s honoree was Dr. Steven Sanderson, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla, Professor of Ecology at the Catholic University of Chile.   As if the hundreds of dapper men arriving in their own penguin suits wasn’t charming enough, Preston Bailey and his team wowed guests with his Patagonia inspired centerpieces. The evening was magical as always, and included cocktails by the sea lions and dinner under the stars with the monkeys and polar bears.  The  evening was truly a celebration of WCS’s commitment to conserving the natural beauty and ecological wealth along the coasts of Chile and Argentina.  Here are some photos supplied to me this morning by WCS:
Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
Me with friends Raleigh Leahy and Dave Lauren Cranston. Photo Guest of a Guest.
Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
 Photo Julie Larsen Maher, WCS
Gala leadership included C. Diane Christensen and Jean Pierret, Faith and Peter Coolidge, Katie and Peter Dolan, Gordon and Jill Dyal, Sunny and Brad Goldberg, Antonia and George Grumbach, Judith Hamilton, Carney and Melissa Hawks, Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Founation, Makena Capital Management, Coty Sidnam, Pamela and Renke Thye and Tiffany & Co.
Co-Chairs were Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds, Darlene and Brian Heidtke, Sharon Kerr, Terry and Bob Lindsay, Edith McBean, Allison Morrow and Jonathan Cohen, Mary and Howard  Phipps, Jr., Alejamdro Santo Domingo, Lisa and David Schiff, Warren and Virginia Schwerin, Allison and Leonard Stern, Ann and Andrew Tisch, Ann and Thomas Unterberg, Melanie and John Wambold, Priscilla and Ward Woods, Barbara and Donald Zucker.
Over 900 twenty-somethings poured in for the after-party.  Take a peek on Guest of a Guest and Patrick McMullan for event coverage.  Guests included Tinsley Mortimer and artist Cindy Sherman.  NY Social Diary already has some preliminary photos up if you’d like to take a look at David’s photos.  It truly is the gala of the year and what a wonderful cause to be celebrating!  More photos to come in a few days!
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