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Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford in their New Orleans bungalow (photos from Architectural Digest).  Photography by Scott Frances, published in April 2007.

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NBC in Poor Taste Tonight

I just want to express my feeling that it was in incredibly poor taste of NBC to show video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death on its news cast this evening.
I was sitting here with my children and in-laws and it simply was not ...

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Things We Love: SALES!

There is one thing chocolate, cute boys and flowers just don’t hold a candle to and that thing is the sweet, sweet sensation of savings!  As a Valentine to all of you we are posting a site wide sale through Monday!! Those who ...

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Things We Love: Hand Painted and Decoupage Furniture

As we count down to the day dedicated to the ones we love, we continue to enumerate the things we love – today we are focusing on Hand Painted and Decoupage Furniture.  Recently, we’ve added a great deal of new custom furniture to ...

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The Spirit of Beauty Exhibition

Emmanuel Perrin does not disappoint…

Back in November, I reported that I had received a lovely hard cover book, The Poetry of Time, beautifully wrapped in Van Cleef paper and a hand written note from Emmanuel (CEO of ...
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