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We have had so many requests for a newsletter, that I have developed a feed and you can now subscribe to our blog at the right side of the page!  Simply enter your email address and you’ll get our newsletter every day to your inbox!  No ...

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NYC Style Secrets: Hermes Warehouse Sale

If you aren’t in on one of NYC’s best kept you go:

The Hermes warehouse sale is in effect. It opened to the public today.

It is taking place next to the fabulous Stark Carpet and Scalamandre sale also ...

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Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford in their New Orleans bungalow (photos from Architectural Digest).  Photography by Scott Frances, published in April 2007.

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NBC in Poor Taste Tonight

I just want to express my feeling that it was in incredibly poor taste of NBC to show video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death on its news cast this evening.
I was sitting here with my children and in-laws and it simply was not ...

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