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An Incredible Day For American Sports!

Today was a historic and inspiring day for American sports.  Our boys brought home a victory against Nigeria to advance in the world cup and Georgia’s John Isner made not only tennis history but sports history after playing the longest ...

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Debunking The Stigma of "The Kiddie Table."

Growing up in a large family means that even at twenty-two I am still relegated to the kiddie table, but even if you don’t have a silly cousin to whip “tofurkey” off the kids mouths and keep them busy we found plenty inventive ways ...
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Yankees, Phillies World Series Showdown

This bitter blogger can’t really say I am all together thrilled about the 2009 World Series match up (not that 2008,07,06… were better), but with the lack of the Mets in the playoffs aside, being in New York when the Yankees ...

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