Chinoiserie Art

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share with you some fabulous new wall art that we are featuring on the website. I have discovered the most wonderful artist living out in California and painting these treasures. He is making limited edition giclees for us to offer to our customers for $165-$350, depending on the size.

His clients include the Royal Saudi Embassy Residence in McLean, VA; Ms. Wendy Vanderbilt of New York; Ms. Kirstie Alley of Los Angeles; Mrs. Pierre DuPont of Delaware; Mrs. Roger Firestone of Philadelphia and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodyear of Philadelphia, among others. The artist has worked with such prestigious design firms as Irvine & Fleming and Parish-Hadley of New York. His work has also appeared in Architectural Digest.

Take a look at these beautiful pieces. They are perfect for a powder room or guest room.

-Melissa Hawks

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