Creating Unique Nurseries

I had my first two daughters just ten months apart in the Fall of 2005 and then summer of 2006. The first nursery I did was pink, pink, pink and when Katie was on the way, I decided I wanted to take an existing guest room that was blue and make it beautiful for my little girl. Making a blue nursery work for a little girls wasn’t easy, but I did it!

I found some beautiful Scalamandre fabric and I had feminine balloon curtains made and then using that fabric, I had a charming baby changer custom painted to match the room. I went back and forth with the furniture artist on drawings and sketches until we had achieved the design that would work. We pulled elements from the floral fabric into the changer with delicate garlands of bluebells and flowers with a ribbon on top and incorporated a rabbit onto the door, since rabbits were a theme in both of my nurseries.

The outcome was this beautiful changer, pictured here in Katie’s room.

I was on the fence about offering something that was so personal to me to my customers, but in the end I decided that it was a beautiful piece and one that someone else might enjoy as well.

I wanted a bookcase made to coordinate with the changer and so we made one to match the dresser, which had a ribbon on the bonnet, pink shelves and blue trim to coordinate.

The lamp I used on Katie’s changing table can be ordered here:

July23,2008- Melissa Hawks
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