Feng Shui Tips from Tory

Fashion master Tory Burch sat down with Feng Shui master Yung Siu to bring us some quick tips to transform the energy in our homes and offices.
1. Banish the Backlash
This might be a little hard for some of us who use their libraries for a shoe room: Siu advises we organize our shoes in racks lower than 3 feet to protect from being the target of gossip. We promise to comply to that (high school is over after all) but we aren’t sure what that means for this adorable wall art for your child. Available for girls and boys learning to tie shoes, we will go for a lose interpretation of the rules and hang it up anyway.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
We all better start inviting only our most upbeat friends over! Siu says its best to hang mirrors in hallways to double space and “play off the positive power of those passing through.” So tell your high strung girl-friend and loving mother with nagging tendencies to leave the grief with their shoes… at the door.

3. Honor the Past and Celebrate the Present
“Capture the positive energy by placing photos of living family and friends up front” and set the pictures of those who have past in the back for “protection” says the expert. The Well Appointed House has a number of great frames and a large selection which can be personalized to underscore pictures with special value and those in them.

4. Desk Placement
Put your desk far away from the door to increase productivity. We assume Siu knew far away from the playroom, Tv room and kitchen were givens. The Well Appointed House thinks theIsland Corner desk can solve space issues especially if “far away from the door” is easier said than done.

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