Having a Whale of a Time on Nantucket

My family and I just spent a fabulous week on Nantucket island.  
  When we weren’t playing outside, picking moths off of the shingles outside of the house (there were many and the kids love doing this), heading to the beach, dining on delicious seafood  (Straight Wharf, Dune, Rope Walk, Topper’s, The Tavern and other great spots this quick trip), admiring the megayachts down by the wharfs, getting coffee and the paper at the Sconset Market or donuts at the Downey Flake , cooking out, playing tennis or spending countless hours in the swimming pool, we were, of course…shopping.  I personally could spend countless hours perusing the many fabulous stores of Nantucket, looking at antiques and new products alike.  I have found some of my best products on Nantucket over the years. 

 The island is so perfect for kids and you just can’t buy these memories in a toystore or watch them on Noggin! 
For those of you who won’t be making it to Nantucket in the near future, we invite you to sit back, relax, put your mermaid tail up and shop from the comfort of your home at The Well Appointed HouseAs owner and head buyer for www.wellappointedhouse.com, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting things.  A favorite of mine is our Primitive Nantucket Map with Mermaid
Perfect for a Nantucket inspired summer home is our Hand Painted Pistachio Chest with Nautical Design
We just love Sconcet and eating at the Summer House restaurant, so of course we are big fans of the Primitive Mermaid at Sconset by the Sea Wall Art
Nantucketites who love Dionis Beach might want this Primitive Mermaids on Dionis Train Wall Art
Bring a bit of the Nantucket beaches into your home with our stylish Shell Specimen Box
Now, if we could just bring some of the well built lifeguards home with us….

Unfortunately, that we do not sell at The Well Appointed House!

Happy Shopping! Have a Whale of a Time!
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