New Drama Tonight on Flipping Out!

If you don’t know the overly arrogant obsessive compulsive designer/house flipper Jeff Lewis, I highly suggest you tune in tonight to Bravo‘s Flipping Out.
Things come to a head when Jeff and his once Partner in love, now partner in business, Ryan argue over bragging and property rights to their Valley Oak flip. I write this show off as work related viewing, but its hard not to feel yourself rooting for Jeff despite his tyrannical demands. His love for those who work for him, like his assistant/best-friend/future roommate in the retirement home Jenny and his cougar maid Zoila.

When you aren’t preoccupied with the drama you are sure to focus in on Jeff’s ultra modern design LA interiors. I put together this look inspired by Jeff and his work. I took care to include dark colors paired with nickel accents and plenty of pet friendly accessories!
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