NYC Fashion Week 2010 Trend Report For the Home

A friend recently asked me what the correlation was between fashion and interior design and in my best effort not to sound snotty, I failed miserably and said “Umm, everything?!” The interior design world and fashion world go hand in hand; what good is having a well appointed home and not a well appointed wardrobe, and visa-versa? Our homes, like our outfits, are the most basic forms of self expression. After studying some of the trends designers debuted on the runway this week I was instantly inspired and put together some room looks!

1. Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2010 collection reminded us why she is President of the CFDA; business savvy. Von Furstenberg showed a lot of black with pops of BRIGHT color, perfect for a recession conscious shopper. While black is standard in every woman’s closet it makes a strong statement in the home. Drawing on her use of black as the base of her collection, I primarily used black furniture and looked to lamps, smaller tables and of course this great zebra rug to give it that young, hip, DVF flair.

2. Marc Jacobs is one of the biggest names in fashion and certainly marches to the beat of his own drum. I chose to highlight his collection this season because of his use of material: silks, cottons, satins and nylons. Looking at this collection I got the feeling he was designing for Marie Antoinette if she was living today and decided to channel that theme into a regal looking nursery. At The Well Appointed House we love the Cherubini Crib in Versailles Pale Pink matched with the hand-painted blue in the furniture.

Marc Jacobs

3. Carolina Herrera was hands down my favorite of the bunch- there wasn’t one thing I wouldn’t wear. She finds a way to make clothing that is accessible, beautiful and above all wearable for all women. With that sentiment in mind I created this bedroom keeping in her neutral color palette with pops of bling in unexpected places. The little hints of silver from the furniture paired with neutral upholstery and the shell chandelier are reminiscent of the tiny details we see throughout her collection.

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