Screenspiration: Mad Men

Screenspiration is a new segment you can look forward to by being an avid reader of the Well Appointed House’s blog. Each week we will use a TV Show or Movie to inspire our decorating creativity. For the inaugural installment we are calling upon AMC’s Mad Men. We love the scintillating plot and retro furnishings (not to mention Betty’s clothes, and, well… Don). When Don and Betty are filmed in the bedroom it’s hard to believe it but the real scene stealer is the gorgeous upholstered head board just like the ones we offer. We love it in that pale blue, but at The Well Appointed House, if you have your own fabric selection we can accommodate you.
The Draper’s home is filled with decorative inspiration; we particularly like the casual plaid used in the kitchen.
We are taking another look at our fabulous Flaye plaid table cloth in a rich brown, especially now that fall is upon us… it’s definitely Betty Approved.
What would Mad Men be with out it’s men and it’s men drinking?
Serve your whisky soda, sans soda, in these retroinspired decanters on top of this chic iron bar to create an ultra mod look.
We think Betty and the girls would much rather serve their drinks on one of these, especially for back yard BBQ’s in the summer.
Capture Bertram Cooper’s office look with this Asian inspired screen against dark furniture.

We find it quite approriate that we are taking further cues on what to buy from the Mad Men.

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