The Back to School Supply List Your Child Didn’t Bring Home

It’s getting darker earlier, the mornings are still cool and the aisles of our favorite superstores are no longer lined with sun tan lotions and beach bags but the endless supply of ball point pens and Hannah Montana notebooks. I remember getting my school supply list along with my teacher assignment and being more excited to color code my notebooks to my planner than anything else. Although sending your kid off to school with the tools for a successful year is important, creating a space for them to feel inspired, stimulated and comfortable is essential. And hey, it might even give you a few extra moments to yourself. Here at The Well Appointed house, we put together a list of at home school supplies!

1. Workspace

We love this children’s activity center with built in storage drawers and really, with it’s erasable top and raised edges to prevent spills, what’s not to love? The center is built on lockable casters so it’s portable to accommodate your children as they go from grade to grade. The sharp white color makes this an ideal piece for any room and with the easy to pull out drawers kids can store homework assignments and projects right alongside each other.

Pairing this activity center with a beanbag like this adorable Wingreen Gingerbread inspired piece makes this a cozy and whimsical workspace sure to inspire your child’s next great picture book, or, at least their math homework.Inspire not only growing of the mind but the body as well with these adorable growth charts. Your child will love tracking how tall they’ve grown (since they always eat their vegetables, of course) and you will appreciate how great of a room accent these adorable Growth Charts are. At the Well Appointed House we have a huge selection of these hanging wall charts, some of which can even be monogrammed!
For your older child who may need to use a computer for homework and extra room for their increased work load, we like a desk that grows with your child and their needs. The Benchmade Student’s Desk comes with an optional hutch for extra storage a grand look. This desk comes in a number of different finishes for free in addition to custom paint colors so no matter your child’s gender or your vision for their workspace so you can create a cohesive space all your child’s own.

2. Storage/organization: A bookshelf is a great way to add character to a room but if it can tend to be an eyesore. The Oeuf Mini Library is a modern piece designed for easy access and extra storage for books and more. The slide away doors allows you to store more while eliminating the appearance of clutter. Available in either a Natural Birch or a Walnut Stain this shelf system is the answer to the ever ongoing battle between fashion and function.

For the art enthusiast, the Art Supply Cart is an easy way to store are your art necessities. There a plenty of shelves for paper, paints and brushes and a side compartment perfect for paper rolls.
You use files and your blackberry’s calender app, but for your kids to start forming their own organization skills they need some help from you! These foldable HABA storage bins are adorable and can be mixed and matched together to create a unique storage bin specific to you and your child’s needs.
3. Toys That Teach

“It’s fun to have fun but you’ve got to know how” which is why we have a large selection of toys that stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage creative play. The Child’s Sand Tray is a relaxing creative outlet for your child. This solid beechwood tray with a security tray comes with 3 lbs of white sand. Your child can spice up his or her work by adding colored paper under the glass. Let your children unleash some energy at the stadium, without you having to trek through the mud. This Stadium carpet is home to the ultimate “finger soccer” match every time your child take to the pitch. Goals are fastened by a hook and loop and the set comes with two playing figures and a ball so when your kids are ready for a time out from their homework they can sub onto the field.
Inspire your child’s musical side with this sleek 30 key and 2.5 octave capable piano. Available in a black or white high gloss finish, this piano is a perfect compliment to any room and is sure to encourage your child to express themselves. I-pod headphones for mom, not included.For a limited time enjoy 20% off our children’s selection! Happy shopping!!

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