Warm and Inviting Foyers

One can never underestimate the importance of a warm and inviting entry foyer. It is the first impression a visitor has of your home and I think it says a lot about a person or family and what they want to convey to their houseguests. Some of my visitors ring the bell at my side mud room entrance, but as I rule, I think the first time you arrive at someone’s house, a front door entrance is appropriate. Mud rooms or side doors are appropriate for deliveries and intimate friends and family who are used to coming to a home, people with dirty shoes on a rainy or snowy day or groups of young children arriving for a playdate.
First and foremost, I wanted entry to my home to be a warm and happy experience. My intention was to immediately put guests at ease with upbeat colors, and so yellow was selected as the main color with pastels thrown in for good measure. A round, skirted table made of a silk stripe was placed with a glass top next to a George I chair in green. I placed a few family photos on the table in elegant gold plated heirloom quality frames, along with a Tobacco Leaf lamp that I selected from my company, The Well Appointed House LLC, http://www.wellappointedhouse.com . The lamp works fabulously with the colors in my foyer and I like the details, which include green piping on the shade, which not only matched the chair perfectly, but added a touch of formality to the arrangement.
This photo was taken at Easter time, and so in the spirit of the holiday, I grabbed one of my daughter’s Steiff bunnies and placed it on the table as we were hosting a big Easter egg hunt at the house.

We love Diane James silk flower arrangements and I have featured them on my website for years. I constantly have guests commenting on my beautiful fresh flowers and the best part is that they will last forever. Again, the silk floral arrangement that I selected mirrors the soft palette in the foyer and works well on the table. It adds a freshness to the room.
The arrangement I have there is no longer available, but a simple arrangement of Cream Roses would work nicely as well:

A simple, elegant gold leaf mirror hangs slightly to the right of the lamp to provide visual balance to the arrangement, as it sits beneath my stairway. Similar and well-priced options in the under $400 range from The Well Appointed House are the Asolo Mirror http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/wellappointedhouse_2064_488416506 and the Olsen Mirrorhttp://store.wellappointedhouse.com/olsenmirror.html
Of course, if you want a hand carved and painted heirloom quality mirror of the same design, try our Adam Style Carved Gold Leaf Mirror in the $1000+ rangehttp://store.wellappointedhouse.com/adstcawomigo.html

More photos to come of my entry way, which will show elegant wall brackets with porcelain figurines and a gorgeous 5 foot tall orchid placed next to my front door.
I think by using bright and cheerful pastels, I have successfully conveyed that we are a happy and fun family and we welcome our guests with delight! Try the same at your home!Smile
-Melissa Hawks
July 26, 2009

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