While Melissa’s In England…

Melissa is in England this week but for the rest of us who are “stuck” enjoying the beautiful American Autumn skies we can only dream of the rolling English countryside. At the Well Appointed House we offer a lot of products made in Great Britain (and more to come depending on how big of a plane Ms. Hawks can get) especially for the kids. I went to see The September Issue with my friend the other day (great documentary, btw!) and there was an ad for the new movie Bright Star with Abbie Cornish. Bright Star is the love story between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne and although some of the lines seemed tres cheesy, the setting is undeniably beautiful; it definitely brought me back to my pre-English-major-nerdy days where I loved Sense and Sensibility and liked to pretend I was a Dashwood daughter… ANYWAY the point is, the English countryside can be a great source of inspiration for your child’s playroom and imagination. In the spirit of that I’ve pulled some English pieces (Wingreen is one of our favourite brands) to create a whimsical space. Wellies not included.

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