America’s First Family Portrait

The Obama’s sat for their official family portrait as America’s first family last week. The casual shot was taken by famed American photographer Annie Leibovitz. Barack and Michelle Obama make news as diplomats and style setters; since his bid for President the media has followed the two, documenting every date night and family outing, taking particular note of what they are wearing. Many have compared this first family to John and Jacqueline Kennedy, noting their youth and international appeal.
There was a great deal more buzz surrounding this particular family photo as the Obamas are the first family of color to occupy the White House. Since her husband took the oath of office Michelle has shaken up the standard Americana styling of the White House in favor of redefining modern American design with crisp, clean lines and a minimalist appeal.

Drawing upon Michelle’s modern American style, I’ve paired some pieces together from The Well Appointed House to suggest some easy updates to bring that same feeling to your home.

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