Bachelor Pads Mom Can Live With: Read Lava Lamps Need Not Apply

As I get older it becomes ever more transparent that men and women couldn’t be any more different. Having just graduated college I have a fresh perspective in seeing many a man-child live quite contently with an old dingy red, black and yellow tapestry hanging from the window, therefore negating any natural sunlight and dare I say… cross breeze. When your dorm days are over and your Frat haze has lifted it’s high time to ditch old living habits that have long since awoken mom at night in a cold sweat. Mold is not a plant, Eau de Budwiser was never produced and a pizza box does not a centerpiece make! Yes men, I am talking to you and for the most part you are listening. With the design world leaning towards a more modern movement it is easier than ever for a bachelor to have a space where he feels comfortable enough to sit back with a beer in but also doesn’t repel human life.
With housing prices being what they are, more and more young professionals are living with roommates well into their late twenties. Here are some tips, suggestions, hints, demands and pleas to help you or the bachelor(s) in your life make the most of the “pad”.
1. Sensory Overload.
While looking for apartments in the financial district the other day, I was greeted by five pairs of putrid smelling basketball sneakers in the entrance way. Just… don’t. There is a reason you were told you only get one chance to make a first impression, it’s because you do. The only smells you want to greet your guests with is the aroma of whatever it is you were cooking (or were smart enough to order) for them. When someone walks into your apartment you want them to feel welcome, not that gas masks were probably a good idea. Melissa Hawks’ suggestions on creating an amicable entrance way hold water even for a male minimalist; think of your foyer as your letterhead or business card. For most NYC apartments with not as much space, you luck out men, but there is still a wall! A mirror is a great way to add dimension; it doesn’t take up space and, not for nothing, when you are running out it’s a nice little reminder to check yourself. I love this Multifaceted Mirror because it is unique and dynamic… yes it’s a mirror but also a piece of art.

For a more simple and functional yet still sophisticated mirror, we at The Well Appointed House suggest this great lacquer mirror. Its funky shape gives it personality, which is what you want in your entranceway.

2. Lounge in Luxury
Just because a chair or sofa doesn’t have a cup holder in it or it doesn’t recline doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. This is another great piece because it is simple, sleek and comfortable. Not to mention it comes in a multitude of different fabric options to give you a chance to really make it your own. Customizing a sofa can be a big commitment, something not many bachelors are into, but take solace in knowing the sofa wants to make you happy… it wants to make you feel comfortable and after a long, hard day at work, its not going to talk to you.

Now, most designers would be vehemently opposed to creating a room around your TV, but for most bachelors your entertainment center is your Mecca so why not pray to it in style. This fun authentic looking easel is a different way to house your TV, DVDs and gaming nonsense I don’t pretend to know the first thing about.

A focal point is supposed to be where your eyes are immediately drawn to in a room, which is why this media station is so great: it is functional and stylish.
3. Mixology Musts
The days of Natty Light, Natty Bo’s (or “Bros”) are long gone my friends and when entertaining it’s especially important to remember that. A functional component to any bachelor pad is, of course a bar. A man-friend, law student living on the Upper East Side in NYC recently asked me what he could do that was easy to make his apartment a little less… depressing. (In all fairness he may not have much as asked as I interjected…) A simple, stylish and relatively inexpensive tool you could use is a Butler Tray, like this one from The Well Appointed House. We love the modern take on bamboo and the contrast to the au courant white lacquer tray.

To add some more personality and customization to your space we suggest some fun barware, like these amazing 22k metallic gold accented glasses. The lion’s head gives off that brooding-bad boy with a pocket square vibe, a la Chuck Bass. Above The Old Fashion Lion Glasses, below Mr. Pass of the CW’s Gossip Girl

Those glasses paired with these handsome decanters… you can’t go wrong. Unless of course you put up that Periodic Table of Mixology poster… then we’ve got problems.

Below: NO!

With these tips in tow you are armed with the foundation to create your perfect bachelor pad. I’ve pulled some of the pieces discussed above and some new ones to create the look pictured above.
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    So happy to have found your blog! I’ve been a fan of the website for years!

    This post has made me sad I’ve no son…my nephew perhaps? Must have those decanters…


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