East Coast West Coast Designer Wars, Tupac and Biggie Would Be Proud

This month’s issue of Manhattan Magazine features Interior Designers from both LA and NY, which results in a drive by decorative doozy. Opening up the spread, LA based designer Alexandra Loew, features a design done close to Melissa Hawk’s home in Chappaqua NY. Loew’s design inspiration comes from the same place she drew the name of her firm, From The Desk Of Lola: Charlie’s Angels. “I love how Charlie was the mysterious character behind this very busy, hardworking company,” The 39 year-old designer told Manhattan Magazine’s Lisa Cregan. Lola becomes a euphemism for the whimsy we see throughout her work. “She’s our ploy for the fantasy-based element of our work.” Whether or not it’s from the desk of lola or the very imaginative brain of Ms. Loew, it’s easy to see she seamlessly floats between NYC sophistication and the playful LA scene. Deconstructing the idea of the library, with book wallpaper and plaids meeting pink is a fun way to make a Westchester home hip.
Designer White Webb brings Park Avenue panache to LA with this 19th Century round living room. Webb might as well throw on a red bandana and yell Tupac forever when he says:
This New Yorker is calling his bluff: it takes a caption and a double check to see that, that room isn’t in NYC.

Perhaps the peacemaker in this “East Coast” “West Coast” debate comes from the firm Janson Goldstein where partners Hal Goldstein, Mark Janson and Steven Scuro stick to Goldstein’s mantra “Whether we’re working in LA or New York our approach isn’t different. We’re always looking for the solution, to make a connection with the place’s history.”
A Look from Janson Goldstein

Photos by Allison Antola, Manhattan Magazine

And isn’t that what it’s all about anyway, the clients?
Here is a some East Coast/West Coast pieces playing nicely in a NYC loft… Don’t you know? The Well Appointed House is all about Biggie.
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