Hermès To Open New Men’s Boutique On Madision

The Wall Street Journal reported in August that the brand synonymous with unadulterated luxury, Hermes, reported a 7% net loss in the first half of the year’s fiscal quarter, however plans to continue renovations and new store openings are still a go. While walking past the NYC Flagship Store on Madison this weekend, I had to snap a picture of this creative scaffolding hiding the new Men’s store; the launch date still pending.

In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the God’s and the guide to the underworld. In fashion, Hermès is the standard by which all other luxury houses take their cue. When founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris the company outfitted the world’s gentry with the finest saddles.

Drawing from the company’s reputation with leatherwork, Hermès introduced their leather golf jacket in 1918 and later in the 20’s branched off into bags, made famous by starlets like Grace Kelly in 1935 (the Kelly bag). Also in the thirties the company introduced it’s beautiful silk scarves, which now characterize the name Hermès.
When people buy Hermès they buy a sense of timeless luxury and wearable art. A lot interioristas can’t stand to keep their scarves locked away in a drawer and have come up with creative ways to display their Hermès art. A major trend in home décor is to incorporate your Hermès scarves along with boxes and even bags in your home. Moodboard interviewed and photographed the home of Herve Pierre, creative director of Bill Blass to show how seamlessly fashion and interior design can be fused together. Notice how Pierre used an Hermès bag to create a lampshade; it is a very modern lamp, but with the classic Hermès logo it looks timeless.

Boxes belonging to Melissa Hawks, “I love the orange and I love collecting them…It provides such a nice contrast to so many color families. I just grabbed these from my closet and you can see how they pop against the lattice rug in my dressing area” The owner of The Well Appointed House said.
A lot of times people get inspiration from fashion, but putting your favorite scarf in a sharp frame is a genius way to incorporate that inspiration into your space.
A look from Melissa Hawks’ home

All images below courtesy of a Well Appointed House Client

Pillows are an innovative way to display your scarves. Since the scarves are so delicate it is better to use a fine sheet with a high thread count as a backer and not fabric. Below and above are picture’s from a Well Appointed House client’s townhouse in New York City and country estate.

Even Hermès is in on creating fun ways to display their scarves as Melissa showed us in her trip to England where she visited the London store. Brown and orange is a beyond chic color combination. Thanks to Pink Wallpaper for compiling these pictures, they are definitely going on the inspiration board.
This is a foyer from Coco+Kelly

Inspired by Hermès and the looks we saw, I pulled some pieces from The Well Appointed House to show how easy it is to snag the look for yourself.

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