House of Haunted Horrors: Vampire Authoress Anne Rice’s New Orleans Mansion On The Market

Tis the season to be spooky, which makes the the former New Orleans Estate of Vampire enthusiast Anne Rice a particularly poignant purchase.  Rice occupied the 1850’s Garden District mansion from 1989 to 2004 and used it as the setting of her Mayfair Witches series. The home is appointed with corinthian and iconic columns, “massive antique beveled mirrors”, impressive and just a little bit spooky sweeping willows and hand painted murals throughout.  I love these pictures because the rooms are sparsely decorated, leaving plenty of room for our imaginations to wander in speculation of what bumps in the night gave way to novels such as Merrick, The Vampire Armand and Blood and Gold.

The Grounds: I love the way the the brush is overgrown in a very deliberate way. You can definitely tell how on a windy night those branches against the windows would send the most macho man searching for his mommy.

The gothic detailing on the two story sunroom fits with the mansion’s mystique.

The painted murals throughout the mansion give a personalized feel, but when they date back to the nineteenth century, they make you wonder…. did the people pictured in the murals every really leave the house when they left the physical world? 😉

The traditional furnishings, the billowing window treatments and antique fireplaces…what’s not to love? I wonder if that piano plays by itself…?
I love this picture because it is straight up creepy with a side of Casper the friendly ghost!  Covered furniture, luggage, vintage wallpaper that matches the drapes – It looks like people were just about to leave until… 

The mirror pictured above is beautiful.  Heres a tip: When you paint the inside of a fireplace black it invites the eye in, if you paint it white, the eye more or less glosses over the inside.  Something tells me Santa isn’t the only mystical figure who has ventured through that fireplace!

If you can’t afford the $3.7 Million Dollars for Rice’s old house then check out her newest novel, Angel Time available October 27th, just in time for the bewitching hour!

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