J.Crew Spring 2010 Collection + Creative Director Jenna Lyonns’ Brooklyn Home

 J-Crew, like The Well Appointed House, is a staple stop when it comes to finding effortless and timeless pieces that ooze style.  What started as a catalog company and a great place to get a pair of khakis and roll over sweaters has now turned into a fashion powerhouse, thanks in large part to creative director Jenna Lyonns. Take a look at the new collection below: 

A group shot from the big Spring 2010 reveal

Love, love, love the styling here; it’s great to see all of this color paired with neutrals, which is a staple of J-Crew and not something you will necessarily see in Lyonns’ home.  Characteristic of J-Crew and evident here is the layering of different textures and fabrics: sequins paired with industrial chinos and crinkle silk mixed with cotton.  It’s such a fresh take on an American classic.

Just some manjoyment for you!

It would stand to reason that Ms. Lyonns, who did some serious demo on the J-Crew aesthetic, would use the same vision and apply it to her Brooklyn townhouse.  Her home was so memorable it stayed with me since Domino photographed it in November 2008.  Domino is no more, however the UK publication Livingetc has since returned to the designer’s home. It’s  interesting to see the changes the young mother of one and her husband have made from one shoot to the other and something you all can relate to; when life changes so do the interiors. 

Lyonns on the cover of the then Domino Magazine.  Above Lyonns and her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, share an intimate moment in the foyer.

The Creative Director at her home.  Melanie Acevedo shot the pictures for both magazines.

This is a great example of using an interesting piece to create a new dimension to a small space.

The backyard

Architect shot of the living room. The architect shots were found on Levenson McDavid Architects

Left, you can see how the living room was styled for Domino.  LOVE that yellow couch and the way it pops against the black and white.  At The Well Appointed House we offer sofas ready for you to customize with the fabric of your liking; it is a great way to put your own spin on a piece you will have for a long time.  Tip: When investing in a colorful sofa, pick a color that, yes, you love but also one that goes with other colors, so when you get sick of your yellow and black combo, you can switch it up and accent it with Navy and when you are over that to brown and so on and so forth.

Throughout, Lyonns exercised restraint when it came to color.  For the most part the yellow sofa above is about experimental as she got, yet her home is anything but boring or monochromatic; the steel grays and chrome add a rough edge to delicate finishings a la J-Crew.  

The kitchen above and kitchen table below

A lovely shot from Domino

The Architect’s shot of the dinning room into the living room

Moment of silence for that chandelier above. It is reminiscent of our Grand Estate Chandelier. Below a creative dinosaur vignette 

Architect shot of the bedroom.  She uses strong colored paint, which helps to create a clean minimalist look, especially when paired with luxurious sheets.

A styled mantel 

She switched up the linens for the Livingetc shoot; I like the way this picture is shot so we can see into her bathroom, it shows the open floor plan.

Lyonns and son Beckett, then just a little baby, posing for Domino

Beckett’s room for Domino (left) and then months later for Livingetc (right) as a big boy!

Tip: Chalkboard paint (like Lyonn’s used here) is a great way to let your kid add character to his or her’s own room. Would also look great in an art or play room.
This is a great shot of Beckett’s toys and certainly a safe use of a fireplace in a children’s room.  Get the look with wall letters paired with free standing whimsical wall art.  Against an industrial, strong paint color it creates a deconstructed children’s room and very J-Crew.
Alright, this is where I really start to salivate.  What could be better than a closet full of J-Crew clothes?  A dressing room full of J-Crew clothes.

Above was the dressing room as shot and styled for Domino and below is the room months later, taken for Livingetc. I do have to say I like the sofa better, but the dresser is way more practical.

Jenna Lyonns’ home and Jenna Lyonns’ J-Crew is a modern, hip re-imagination of American style and we cannot wait to sport the looks from the spring 2010 collection.  Until then, we will be lusting over the looks from fall/winter 2009.  When getting the J-Crew look for your home and closet remember to layer with different textures and styles.  If you are wearing a really femme dress, add some tough leather booties.  If you have a dainty stool, choose thick and dark accents as seen with this Black Zebra X Stool.  Keep these tips in mind when shopping and remember, what made Jenna’s house such a design success is that she never lost her self of sense, it is a truly personalized space.

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