Screenspiration: The Well Appointed House is Where The Wild Things Are

In 1963 Maurice Sendak unleashed The Wild Things in his ten sentence children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are and now forty-six years later acclaimed director Spike Jonze has re-imagined them for the screen. Released last Friday, the PG rated film about a spirited boy named Max, was number one at the box office grossing $32.47 million dollars. Upon publication Sendak received mixed reviews, some critics saying that the “monsters” were too grotesque and scary for kids but in 1964 he was a Caledocott Award Recipient for his efforts. The book’s premise is focused around Max’s rambunctious nature and uninhibited imagination.

Where The Wild Things Are embodies what it means to be a kid and captures the curious and creative spirit that all children have. At The Well Appointed House, we only carry products that we believe inspire and nurture our children’s creativity. Owner Melissa Hawks asks her own children to test products from our children’s department to pin-point what toys are going to get the most use and at the same time entertain

Does this look familiar?
When Max gets sent to his room that is where the story takes off, so for this week’s Screenspiration Where The Wild Things Are was an easy choice. If The Well Appointed House was commissioned to do a room for Max, here are some inspired pieces we would include.

The Melting Cabinet and Brain Dresser are perfect for this space because they are so creative and original they look as though a child designed them. Max is the King of The Wild Things and needs a bed worthy of his regal rule, which is why this Castle Playhouse and Bed is ideal. The Brown Stripe Serena and Lily bedding is reminiscent of the browns and neutrals we see in the costuming from the movie. Max and any daring kid will love these Stilts, pirate ship, life sized toys and tee-pee while moms will love these whimsical lamps handmade in Mexico.

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Let the wild rumpus start!

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