Seeing the Influence of David Hicks

I have been browsing some of the archives of David Hicks’ work and was amazed at how much of his influence we see today, and how many products from my site, The Well Appointed House, he could have used in his installations.  It just goes to show that good design is timeless, and that if you invest in the right furniture and decorative accessories, it can be used for many years and in many ways.  Even if you grow tired of a pair of lamps or end tables, tuck them away in a storage area and pull them out at a later date.  You just never know what might peak your interest again in the future  (All David Hicks photos below are copyright David Hicks 1970 Ltd).

The English-born David Hicks was one of the most influential designers of his generation.   He started his design career with the decoration of his own house in London in the 1950’s and clients included Vidal Sassoon, Helena Rubenstein, a Duchess and Mrs. Conde Nast) and he later married Lady Pamela Mountbatten in 1960.  Following his marriage, he was involved with decoration and design for Windsor Castle and the Prince of Wales’ apartment at Buckingham Palace.  Hicks began designing carpets and fabrics to use in his projects and in 1967, he began design work in the USA.  Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, he opened shops in fifteen countries around the world (much like we see Jonathan Adler doing today).  His later career included dabbling in photography, fashion, jewelry design and art.  If you are interested in reading more, checkout the David Hicks website, where you can also purchase new collections of David Hicks fabric and carpet and you can view furniture by his son, Ashley Hicks.

I was struck by the similarity of the table he used here (and note the horse head – we see a lot of that in Jonathan Adler’s collections)

with the clean lines of this one that we carry in our selection of cocktail tables:
I love his use of the leather ottoman by the fireplace in this boy’s room
almost identical to the leather animals and footstools that we carry in our stools collection:
I love the cheerful shades of green he used in this bedroom and the lines of the stool that he paired with the fabric covered vanity table
Similar to these stools that we carry at The Well Appointed House:
David used an elegant gold side table in this bold, colorful living room
Similar to our Gueridon Nickel and Mirror Table (ours is in nickle as opposed to gold, but we have many similar tables in gold)
and his use of this small tea table for coffee table books and flowers
much like our Fluted Table in Nickle – same lines
Hicks uses a zebra rug in this living room
Much like our Zebra Skin Needlepoint Rug (save the zebras!), shown here
I like the trays Hicks used in this living room, which have legs with hooves:
and we can definitely see this influence in the more modern day version that I carry on my website in the Tray and Luggage Bench with Legs (it is available in FOUR colors, I just showed two here):
Just some food for thought.  We will explore much more about David Hicks at a later date – and I will show the huge parallels between items he used in his design work and creations Jonathan Adler is now making.  We can see the creative inspirations behind some of the modern day furniture collections that I sell!
-Melissa Hawks
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