Stacking Boots…I Mean Books

Grey is the new black as designers pay homage to neutral colors, Crimson red lips are “in” again, the thighs the limit with over-the-knee-boots, and Vogue has declared that hats are the accessory of the season.  Keeping up with the latest trends is never easy, and can get quite expensive.  Luckily, interior design can be a bit more lasting and permanent.

Bookcases are an often over looked furniture item that can really add to a room.  Designer Charlie Birdsong encourages us to be sure our bookshelves are as interesting as the book titles they showcase in this month’s Southern Accents.  He creates a road map for dressing bookcases and encourages readers to paint or paper the backs of bookcases to deepen the space, he suggests downlighting the backs of shelves to remove shadows and provides great tips on arranging books and creating balance and flow between titles and decorative accessories on bookshelves and in home libraries.  Read the article here: Stacking Your Bookshelves.
Here at The Well Appointed House, we have added many new bookshelves over the past week and I wanted to feature a few.
Our Notting Hill bookcase can be used for collectibles or books and is a nice example of painting the backs of the shelves to deepen the space and provide contrast.

Our Suffolk bookcase is a classic, open design perfect for stacked coffee table books and is priced at just $425 plus shipping

Our French Blue Bookcase is perfect for creating symmetry and balance with a few carefully placed books, vases and collectibles placed in such a way to add to the design of the room.  Here again we have contrasting colors between the bookcase and the paint color of the shelves.  It really creates a rich look.
A classic Hall Unit can be used in just about any style home and will last for generations.  It is a nice way to organize favorite books and magazines and when anchored with a piece of art or a mirror and a few decorative accessories, can truly be the focal point for any hallway.

So, we have suggested a few spots to store those treasured titles and in another entry we can talk about where to put those fabulous over-the-knee-boots.  Perhaps one of our fabulous benches will work in a mudroom to provide a comfortable spot for getting those boots on! -MMH
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