The Designer Showhouse of Westchester

On Friday, between nursery school drop-off, grocery shopping and pick-up,  I ventured over to The Designer Showhouse of Westchester in Purchase, NY (28 miles north of NYC), which has been created to benefit Cerebal Palsy of Westchester.  My neighbor is the builder of Silver Oaks, the magnificent, 20-room Georgian Mansion that is the site of the showhouse.  Georgio Custom Builders currently has the house listed on the market for a cool $15 million and by visiting this event, you not only see fabulous design work, but can also see the house, tour the glorious grounds, serene English gardens and sparkling infinity pool. Preeminent designer, Jamie Drake of Jamie Drake Designs, is serving as the Honorary Showhouse Chair. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the showhouse overall and because Silver Oaks is so large, I was able to see the work of so many established and up-and-coming interior designers.   Here are some pictures I took (all photos are Copyright Melissa Hawks, The Well Appointed House), but please plan to go see the showhouse for yourself as I am deliberately leaving many out to encourage you all to go and support Cerebal Palsy. The library was a fresh, clean twist on the dark, wood-panelled look you often see in Georgian style libraries.  It was done by  Peter J. Sinnott IV of Homeworks. Job well done, Peter.
As the Founder & President of an on-line purveyor of over 7,000 luxuries for the home, I can never get through a Designer Showhouse, whether in the city, surburbs of the Hamptons, without seeing many of our products used in different ways.  I could literally go through each room and find at least two products in each one that we carry on the website.  I go through, notebook in hand, jotting down design ideas and thoughts about new products to carry.  People always ask me where I find our products and it is by reading everything design related, going on the web, attending shows and showhouses and just a lot of, well….shopping!  Though with three children born within three years, my time is very limited (my team can attest to this as each and every day is an excercise in balance, balance, balance), and I am just a very focused worker. 
The Dining Room was done by Anthony-Wright Interiors.  I spoke with Susan Anthony and snapped a few photos of her work to show you all:
The Veranda was one of my favorite rooms in the house and it was done by John Stelida, Jonathan Parisen and Tim Button of Stedila Design, Inc.  The room achieved such a great balance between old, new, classic and modern.  This is a great outdoor space to go see. 
The living room was done by HB Home which is run by Chris Desmone and Gina Eastman.  It featured great cabinetry with circular cut-outs that were custom made and a clean color palette with neutral tones:
My friend Patty Georgio of Town and Country Design Group did a great job with the bathrooms.  I got plenty of great ideas for my next house.  I especially loved the herringbone marble in this bathroom:
Whereas rooms can be wallpapered again and again or repainted, it takes a bit more work to pull tile out and start over, so it is always a good idea to get it right from the start.  I have been impressed with Patty’s work (along with her partner Rosemary Thomas).
If I had more time, I would add all of the photos I took, but I really want to encourage people to go see this for themselves.  I really loved the Sitting Room, which was done by Carey Karlan of Last Detail.  She did such a great job of creating a room that truly captivates.
I took photos of nearly all of the rooms, so that I could sufficiently whet your appetite enough to want to go.  (I have a friend with Cerebal Palsy that I have been friends with since Kindergarten – I know the disease well and this is a great cause)
I will leave you with a few photos of the wine cellar, bar and media room, which are all in the oversized basement.
Venture out to Purchase for a little design inspiration.  Then, check out The Well Appointed House to do some buying!  Stay tuned for more from our new blog.  Next week, I am sending my assistant off to the city for a panel with Grace Coddington.  Reporting to come…
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  1. Sandy

    What a delightfully beautiful house. The white and silver color combination in the Sitting Room is so appealing. And no doubt, like you said above, the Veranda is “a great balance between old, new, classic and modern”. Thanks a lot, Melissa, for posting these pics, else we wouldn’t have been able to set eyes on these beautiful interiors.


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