The Evolution of Design Keynote Address

This morning actually started yesterday morning, as much as that pains me to admit. In all my excitement for the keynote address at the Decoration and Design Building‘s Annual Fall Market, I made the mistake of thinking the 6th was the 5th and the 5th was the 6th and the events taking place on the 6th over-scored those on the 5th… I essentially was the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Once I had my dates fixed I made my way towards 58th and Lexington to hear the keynote address sponsored by and mediated by the witty Sophie Donaldson The cold rainy morning turned warm and sunny had me a little flustered as I flew into the open elevator where a handsome, well dressed man greeted me with a smile. The man looked familiar and introduced himself as Brad and me in all my infinite wisdom asked if he was going to the keynote address. He replied that he was in fact going because he was in fact Brad Ford, interior designer, creator of the blog design therapy and part of the keynote panel. Foot in mouth moment. I went to the bathroom to try to make some sense of my appearance and find my center. After, I picked up a program and voraciously studied it, so as to not inadvertently bump into Jonathan Adler and call him Bob or something equally as demoralizing. Lucky for me however, I didn’t need to worry about bumping into Mr. Adler; the business man turned potter turned design demigod (whose line we here at The Well Appointed House carry) walked gracefully right past me in a crisp orange cashmere sweater and white straight leg jeans.
Once seated we were introduced to our panel: Michael Bruno of 1st dibs, your online flea market for all things haute and hot…
James Andrew, interior designer whose blog reminds me of the scene in Clueless where she takes polaroids of all her clothes instead of looking in the mirror…
…interior designer and sole contributor to Habitually Chic, Heather Clawson, and of course, Brad Ford and Jonathan Adler.
The discussion’s theme was how to incorperate media into your design business and the word of the day: blog. In this age of a facebooking twits and twittering faces the internet is bigger than ever and websites, like The Well Appointed House are where people are flocking! Blogs like ours are shaping the way people experience and interpret design; the constant exchange of ideas and images are fueling a renaissance in the industry and our promise to you, our loyal readers, is to stay ahead of the curve, giving you the most up to date information on trends and of course providing the products to keep you ahead of the curve.

We were greeted with these adorable little cookies courtesy of the website Editor At Large, an online community for designers and design professionals, hooking them up with jobs and a platform to share their work.
The Arkansas native, Brad Ford, next to Heather Clawson, tells us the story of how he once wrote an article for Country Living about his parent’s house and by linking that story to his blog and then facebook page Country Living got countless hits and his story was shared throughout the online community. Heather Clawson spoke mostly about the importance of personalization; making your blog 100% you. Even though we are pretty new, I think The Well Appointed House is doing pretty well in this regard.
Next to Brad is the impeccable James Andrew, who was wearing a beautiful silk paisley man-shawl. Andrew got the idea for his blog from fellow gym go-ers who would always ask “Hey Jimmy, what you wearing?”
The scene at the Astra Cafe on the 14th floor of the D&D builing.
Jonathan Adler talking to an event planner. Adler said he was initially opposed to offering his products online. “I said no one would shop online,” Adler recalled. “I’m an idiot.” Well, you may be wrong about the no-one buying your stuff online part you can shop selected Jonathan Adler products at The Well Appointed House.
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