The King Of Pop’s Thrilling Throne.

November’s Architectural Digest is on newsstands now but the magazine gave an exclusive look of Photographer Harry Benson‘s Neverland pictorial of his time with Michael Jackson. Jackson’s Neverland ranch has garnered a lot of speculation for what has gone on inside its walls, but now we can actually see what is inside Neverland. For a man who sparkled and glittered on stage I was quite surprised to see his home be done in such a traditional aesthetic. Throughout Jackson’s home we see a lot of thick dark wood paired with thick dark wools, flannels and needlepoint accents. Jackson’s interior designers and PR team alike were set on reiterating his royalty; Neverland comes off as a modern update on a Medieval castle.

The above room from Nerverland looks like it was taken straight from a Golf Course brochure. The mix between the tartan chairs and oriental rugs create that ultra traditional feel.
It’s hard to picture MJ coming home from a concert and having a late night snack in this room, with his sequined jacket, patent penny loafers and white glove. Those who speculate about Jackson’s supposed racism will have a field day over his anglo accents and “family” portrait pictured above.

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest celebrities of all time who gave us decades of entertainment and memories; it’s evident in the hundreds of publication covers he has graced over the years, especially after his untimely death. Footage from Jackson’s Comeback tour can be seen in the new movie “This Is It”.

Here is a sampling of some of our Neverland inspired pieces:

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