A Modern Classic: The Bedford Post

Bedford is a postcard town in the heart of Westchester County New York. An hour north of New York City, Bedford consists of three Hamlets (Bedford Hills, Bedford Village and Katonah), which cover 39 square miles and house 16,000 residence. Historically, Bedford is known for its large estates and dairy farms but today, functional dairy farms have fallen to the wayside in favor of  hobby horse rings.  This equine heritage is taken very seriously in these leafy parts; pop into William Nicholas, Table or Bedford Village Gourmet and you will be hard pressed not to find someone donning well worn jodhpurs and muddy riding boots.

Above: Martha Stewart for Vanity Fair at her Katonah Home while she was under house arrest.  Not the worst place to be held captive
Below: Ralph Lauren’s Guard Hill Road Estate in Bedford Village

Above and below, the Bedford residence of Judy and Michael Steinhardt as pictured for Architectural Digest

Bedford is where rugged and refined meet to form a tapestry of brown leather, tweed and waxed cotton. Not surprisingly, Bedford has become a retreat for influential designers and celebrities like Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren and now, Richard Gere.


Rather than simply retire from the limelight in the cushy confines of Bedford, Gere and his wife Carey Lowell have founded the Bedford Post Inn. The eight room, eco-friendly inn boasts two restaurants (The Barn, a more casual dinning experience and The Farmhouse, formal dinning with a modern American menu) and a yoga studio. The longtime Westchester natives have their pulse on the trends; even in Bedford the Equestrian population is still into going green and downward facing dog.

Above, some shots of the Bedford Post’s exterior and yoga studio.  Below the more casual “Farm” restaurant. 

Recently, the owner of The Well Appointed House, Melissa Hawks met friends for dinner and drinks at the Farmhouse Restaurant, pictured below.

Melissa had the Crudo of Japanese Hamachi and the Maine Halibut Roasted with Prosciutto di Pama.  The one downside of this order… she brought back no doggie bag!

Gere’s star power is undeniable, as his ability to still make women weak at the knees.  “Richard Gere was walking inside the restaurant as we were pulling up in the car.  He walked us into the restaurant.  He spoke to us in the lobby, he was very charming!” Hawks told me.  “Wearing Jeans… very casual… very down to earth and nice.   He was picking up take-out for himself (and I assume Carey Lowell) since they live on the property.  Richard seemed nice and not at all affected.  He couldn’t have been more normal.”

Melissa said of the scene,The food was delicious, the service good and the atmosphere lively.”
And of course our interiorista couldn’t help but notice the decor.  She told me:
“The farmhouse style décor placed an emphasis on horses.  The equestrian theme was throughout.  There were fabulous photos of horses dating back to the late 1800’s that I looked at as I was waiting to be seated.  The bar is chic and modern and a great place to have drinks before dinner (especially while watching Richard get his take-out – the bar has a great view of the doorway!) People can hitch their horses at the Bedford Post…in fact…Martha Stewart did!
That sounds pretty Bedford.
At The Well Appointed House we have a large section of equestrian themed items, like the ones Melissa saw at The Bedford Post, and with our revamped website it is easier than ever.  Visit our decor section and select the “equestrian theme” option and all of our equine products are right there for you!
Here are some ones you must be sure not to miss:
I used these plates as art in our story on Hermes inspired interiors.  All are different but the trim around the plate makes them look coordinated, and lets be honest, matchy-matchy can get tiresome!
This chip and dip platter is adorable.  It would be perfect to use when entertaining the day of a big race.
This rendering of this horse is very on trend right now.  The strong lines and lack of romantic details makes this a modern piece and therefore can transcend design aesthetics.

You don’t need to be a horse lover to love this blanket.  Made of 100% cashmere this throw has a genuine deerskin suede border. I would say I’ll take two, but since it’s reversible… there’s no need.

We hope you take a look at all these products and more at our new site!  Don’t forget to become a follower and enter to win a $250 gift card to The Well Appointed House.  It only takes a second, just click to become a follower and enter your email.
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