Birdcage Trend

Birds have always been popular in decorating and now I am seeing birdcages everywhere, too!

With over 9,000 products on my site, The Well Appointed House, each and every day I see trends emerging as we add unique new products.  I can’t help but notice that these charming little bird houses are popping up in our lighting, tabletop and art collections!  There seems to be a Birdcage Craze…and no, I am not referring to the movie with Robin Williams!

Birds were originally caged for their exotic beauty nearly four centuries ago in ancient Egypt.  Doves and parrots were early favorites.  The first crude bird cages were likely made of twigs, rope mesh, reeds or bamboo.  Gradually, as birds became more popular with the wealthy, cages became more elaborate.  Bamboo and wooden cages were seen in many kitchens in the early American colonies and heavily ornamented bird cages became popular in the Victorian parlor.  Today we see birdcages everywhere, and what better place to look than The Well Appointed House.

Our hanging Birdcage Lanterns will provide genteel, ambient lighting for romantic or festive occasions. Priced at just $165 each, perfect for setting just about any mood!

Another fixture I love is the Handmade Birdcage Chandelier in bright red.  This will add a bit of pop to any setting:

Set your table with our charming Bird in Covered Cage Mirrored Placemat Set ($520 for 12)

Elegant entertaining is all about the little things and with details such as this, you will surely delight your guests!  See our charming Bird Cage Napkin Rings

An interesting alternative to wall art is our beautiful Aged Sage Finished Wall Mounted Birdcage

For a more funky twist on the Birdcage craze, check out our bright Green Polka Dot Birdcage Lamp

Of course birds and their homes make whimsical wall art and here I have selected two:

Showcase a beautiful plant on our elegant Antique Brown Victorian Birdcage with Planter.  I suggest a bright and clean flower like the orchid, place a few potted orchids in the birdcage and place it in a sun room or by a door.  It will make a great conversation piece!

Check out this playful wallpaper from Graham and Brown:

For a less-expensive look, try Target for some fun, playful birdcage wallpaper:

Thibaut has some charming birdcage papers, perfect for a powder room!

Gracie Studio and Tyler Hall have some great birdcage inspired wall papers.  Enjoy!
-Melissa Hawks
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  1. Bird Cages

    Bird cages keep getting popular and popular. They were always there but now they are associated with weddings and they have this vintage look that just matches everything.

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