If We Were At Home with Lady Gaga

Richard Johnson’s Page Six of the New York Post has declared that Gaga’s No. 1 for New Year’s.
Lady Gaga that is…

The story goes on to say that Lady Gaga looks to be the big winner on New Year’s Eve.  She will be performing at the Fountainebleau in Miami to ring in 2010 and this party is the hottest ticket in the country based on sales through NewYearsEve.com
Over $1 million in tickets have already been sold, and I have to admit that staff from The Well Appointed House will be in attendance at the party.  (can’t say who yet, but stay tuned next week for the scoop)

I am a fan of Lady Gaga.  I like three of her songs, to be exact.  I admire her creativity and shall I say, her style?

Since she is so busy keeping us all guessing what she will do or wear next, I assume that getting her to sit down with me to discuss her style at home would be tough.  So, I have taken a few moments to imagine what some of her rooms might look like.  She might be a fashioninsane-ista, but I am not so sure about her status as an interiorista.

Here are a few rooms I have imagined with the help of Polyvore.com, featuring products from my company, The Well Appointed House.

When appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in May, Lady Gaga almost knocked over host Ellen with her wacky headgear.  She brought to mind our fabulous Six Light LeMonde Chandelier (which I might just rename in her honor!) and the Armillary I have in my garden collection.  I could see her right at home with these items, all available on The Well Appointed House

Another crazy Gaga outfit.  I imagine her at home with our fabulous Black Cocoon Hanging Lamp and the other items pictured here.  We didn’t forget her collection of 1950’s era underwear and a veil for her face!

We are inspired by the art deco influence to her barely-there lacy getup and we took inspiration from our sunburst mirror and hand painted chest.  We didn’t forget some fabulous Monolo Blahnik shoes tucked away in this room, ones that she would surely love.

Lady Gaga never fails to raise eyebrows and here we have featured our beautiful demilune chest, Harlequin patterned mirror, Elsie stool and some fabulous Gaga-worthy aluminum cow heads.  We didn’t forget the Reynold’s Wrap Aluminum Foil!  She gives new meaning to recycling!

In this photo, it honestly looks as though Lady Gaga has left a finger painting session with my 14-month old son, so I drew inspiration from my Children’s Collection.  I could only assume that instead of a pricey celebrity makeup artist, she chose to let some neighbor’s kids come over and help with her primping.  Either that or she secretly has my popular Art Activity Desk and a secret stash of Crayola.

Last but not least, in this outfit it almost seems as though Lady Gaga could morph herself into one of my mirrored chests.  There are so many products that I sell from my mirrored collection that would be ideal for her – I chose the Ray Starburst Chest and Mirrored Sconces.  Since Lady Gaga seems to be a solitary creature who beats to her own drum, I chose the Great Auk Oil on Canvas to feature in her imaginary room.  I figured she would like it…

Though I’ll never tell who,  The Well Appointed House sells to rock stars, Duchesses and Oscar winners! Maybe we’ll even make a client out of Lady Gaga!

-Melissa Hawks

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