Inspiration From the Top Christmas Movies

For this Christmas Eve post we have decided to count down some Holiday movies that don’t just spread holiday cheer, they also give us some serious home decor inspiration.

 It’s a Wonderful Life
Undoubtably the best Christmas movie of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life brings a tear to all those who watch it, no matter who many trips through the DVD it’s taken.  People are drawn to the movie for it’s emphasis on family above all else.
The house George and Mary once threw rocks at becomes the house that holds their family later in life.  The top heavy tinsel job and hodge-podge of eclectic ornaments adorn this tree adding to the home’s “lived in” feel.
A family that decorates together stays together!

The newest Christmas classic would have to be Elf, the story of a man raised by Elves who comes to New York City to reconnect with his father for the holiday. Will Farrell is hysterical as as the Elf who never grew up, Buddy, whose childlike spirit is reflected in the film’s decor.
Buddy and Jolie decorating the tree at Gimbals.
Buddy brings his holiday cheer to his father’s Manhattan apartment. He takes sugar for breakfast to the next level as his handmade paper snowflakes.  Below Buddy’s handwork is displayed in preparation for Santa’s arrival. Too bad they get ruined when Buddy outs him as an impostor saying, “You don’t smell like Santa. You smell like beef and cheese!”
Little bed, big man.

Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas is a quirky Tim Burton tale of a Jack the Skeleton King who, no longer happy with his success in the Halloween world, looks to take over Christmas.
With the best intentions at heart, Jack doesn’t so much spread holiday cheer as much as holiday fear.
A scene a little like The Grinch.

 Eyes Wide Shut
Although not a movie you would see in the Holiday section of Blockbuster, Stanley Kubrick’s Eye’s Wide Shut follows the surreal adventures of a wealthy Manhattan couple one night at a Christmas party.  Why the details are more than blush-worthy, the interesting take on christmas lights is inspiring.

The Holiday
A great romantic comedy about two women on opposite sides of the pond who have given up on love find it come Christmastime.  It takes about five viewings before you notice anything other than Jude Law, but once you finally do, you are sure to be taken by the English country cottage, perfect for Christmas.
Could you think of a better place to cuddle up by the fire on the 25th? We would think Cameron would be happy there, but it took her a chance encounter with Jude to make her stay.

Watching christmas movies is a great way to unwind with your family, especially Christmas morning after you lay in a cookie coma with shredded wrapping paper swallowing you up! The Well Appointed House wishes everyone the very merriest of christmases!

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