Making Sure You Get Invited Back: Hostess Gifts!

Chocolate, wine, spirits… at the end of a gathering they just become white noise; its hard to tell who brought what, unless of course your gift stands out!  When you think about the amount of time, preparation and money (not to mention cleaning) your host spends on his or her event it really makes sense to bring something more than just a bottle of wine.  Here are some thoughtful gifts for every occasion!

Cocktail Party

If you got an invite to a cocktail party than your hosts love to party, so give them a little something you know they will use like this Portable Martini Set.  Leatherette hard covered case holds one 8oz martini shaker, double jigger, funnel, 3oz flask, two olive sticks and and two 3 1/2oz martini glasses.  It’s practically a portable party

Dinner Party

Give your host who loves to entertain with food year round something that transcends the seasons (and occasions).  These monogrammed Salt and Pepper Shakers will ensure that your hosts will think of you every time they add some flavor to their dishes.  Choose from a bevy of different patterns and monogram styles; a gift this custom is an easy way to show you care.

Pot Luck Surprise

When asked to bring a dish to a pot-luck party nine times out of ten you always forget to bring back your plate… so don’t!  A cute way to present your gift to your hostess is by putting your homemade dip on one of these chip and dip platters; not only have you prepared a dish but you’ve given her one she will be able to use for many holiday parties to come.

A Neighbor’s Tree Trimming Party

We love this decoupage post card christmas tree ornament because its affordable and comes in this great gold mesh sack.  It’s a little something to show you care and is too cute not make it’s way straight to the tree; your host will have it for years to come. Complimentary gift wrapping available.

Children’s Holiday Party

Instead of inciting a riot at your child’s holiday party by getting one of the host’s kids a gift and forgetting the other or a slew of other issues that can arise when sugared up kids are involved, play it safe and stylish by handing over this holiday frame to the parents.  Customize this frame with your host’s monogram or buy a few with a more generic phrase like “happy holidays” or “the kids.”  No matter what, it is still a thoughtful gift that will set you apart from the pack.  

Family Party

Bring back the nostalgia of holidays since passed by gifting a classic Steinbach Nutcracker.  No matter which family member is hosting, they will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and it is something you can all share year after year.  See our entire collection of beautifully crafted Steinbach Nutcrackers and look for these along with other goodies during a 12 Days of Holiday Giving giveaway!  Another new product and another winner announced tomorrow!

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