Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

The most significant holiday symbol is undoubtably the Christmas Tree and as any interiorista worth her curtains knows, a well decorated tree is just as important as any other room in your house.  Here are some snapshots of Well Appointed Christmas decor for some inspiration, courtesy of Country Living.

This little Charlie Brown Tree, paired with the vintage Santa Ornaments (like our Antique Father Christmas Ornaments) makes this a nostalgic accent tree to your holiday decor.

Below is an example of a very traditional Christmas setting.  These homeowners took a tree that by today’s standards isn’t too beautiful and made something memorable. Everything from the paintings on the mantle, to the throw blankets and red balls makes this a flashback to the colonel era.
On the opposite side of the taste spectrum there is the below room, where this holiday home owner has opted to replace the traditional red with plums and purples, which pop beautifully against the green pine.  The one thing both have in common? Perfectly coordinated wrapping paper; its a little touch that goes a long way. (Certainly makes looking back through old holiday albums a lot less cringe inducing.)
Below, another great example of a modern take on holiday decorating. Take special note on how beautifully the ribbon is hung from the mantle and how it alludes to the shape of the chandelier.
A very Shabby Chic Christmas.
An American Christmas Classic.
What’s old is new again as the retro look makes its way up the trend scale.  The ice blue pops beautifully against the white tree.
At The Well Appointed House we think this look is totally fun.  Snag it with our Artificial White Tree and Retro Wreath.


Above is a great example of how white lights really are the way to go when it comes to all things holiday.  The white rug and “snow” dusted wreath in the center of the fireplace brings the winter wonderland into your home and plays with height. Lastly, we have a very preppy Lily Pulitzer inspired tree thanks to Monkee’s.

Its a really fun alternative to your traditional red and green Christmas, especially if you are celebrating somewhere warm like Palm Beach.  It would look great with our Flamingo Ornaments!
Merry Merry!
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