Santa, A Word…

Now, we aren’t trying to break in on Santa’s territory or anything like that, but the kid does have a point! At The Well Appointed House we have a great selection of gifts for every kid on your list. No matter your kid’s interest or tastes (or age for that matter) there is one item that is always on the top: a car.

Whether they are age six or sixteen, kids always want to get up and go on their own, which is why we love our collection of pedal cars and tricycles.  Whether your son is a car aficionado in training or your daughter can’t wait to be a member of the “Pink Ladies” we have the keys to the car of their dreams.  Don’t worry, they aren’t street legal!

If your children aren’t pedal ready just yet, we still have a great collection of toys on wheels, a stand out being our Ride Around Town train set with table.

Kids of all ages will love to gather around and send their cars zooming on the wooden tracks. It’s guaranteed to be a hit come Christmas morning.

Another staple to every little girl’s christmas list is a doll house.  Every little girl has the memory of rushing down the stairs to find a brand new doll house waiting for her by the tree.  Make sure her memory will be a good one with our Belle Fairy Castle doll house.

The brightly colored castle has a music box, wedding chapel, princess balcony, stable and wishing well to name a few features!  Appropriate for ages 3 and over.

As featured on the Today show as a great gift for the Holidays this Electric Concert Piano is a true classic.  Inspire your children to use their play time creatively and win the battle between design and toys; this piano will look sharp in any playroom or kids’ bedroom.

Our Magic Helicopter Chair is another toy-meets-home decor item.  Kids will love to hop in this chair and let their imagination take flight with the propellor up top.  This is just one example of the many play tents we carry at The Well Appointed House.

Kids love play tents just as much as your decorators will; they are atheistically pleasing and a great place for kids to hang out and store some of their other playthings.

Our collection of toys at The Well Appointed House is special.  Owner Melissa Hawks only finds toys she would have her own children or her children’s friends play with; we choose toys that stimulate all the senses and inspire children to take off into their own imaginations.  In a world where technology rules supreme it is still nice to give presents that will let kids simply be kids.

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