Screenspiration: Marie Antoinette, Holiday Edition!

When Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette came out in 2006 I was beyond excited; it had the perfect mix of Louis XIV opulence mixed with a modern punch. The movie was a visual stunner, there wasn’t too much depth to the plot, but then again there wasn’t too much to our dear Marie.

Talk about Modern, Coppola Directs Ball Scene

At The Well Appointed House we have a large collection of Marie Antoinette inspired holiday decor, which makes for a perfect time to do a Marie Antoinette Screenspiration! One of the best parts of the movie was seeing her daily decadence, from how she dressed to how she slept, nothing this Queen did was ordinary. The shoes were hands down the best, note the All Star high tops in the picture below… another modern touch.
The glass slipper ornaments pictured top left come in a set of 12 and look great with the Marie Antoinette Ice Skates ornaments, which are also sold in sets of 12. Every true fashionista needs to pay homage to the original shoe diva, which is why we love this set of two pairs of Antoinette Chaussure shoes. They will look adorable as holiday accents to your side or coffee table and since each set comes with two pairs of shoes you can keep one pair for yourself and give one to your girlfriend. The crushed velvet, lace and unique details make this a thoughtful gift true to the period it is inspired by.

Marie was Queen of France, loving mother and wife, however like any royals and aristocrats of the time (who are we kidding… and today) she was known to take a lover or two. Pictured above Marie Cameo Ornament (comes in set of six), Set of six Marie Fairy Ornaments and Silver, Platinum and Gold Swan Ornaments (sold in pack of twenty four). Buy in bulk and have a uniformed, styled christmas tree.
The swan is a regal a beautiful bird often associated with great fortune, which Marie had, at least until the revolution. Our Marie “Swanette” is unbelievable. Each doll is given the greatest attention to detail being dressed of the time perfectly. Above funnyman Jason Schwartzman, who plays Louis XIV, and Kirsten Dunst, Marie, sit for breakfast next to our Swan imitators. Click here for greater detail on the Marie Swanette doll and here for her King. Both make a thoughtful gift for the history buff on your list, but together they are a daring duo.

One of the major themes of the movie, which is perhaps one of the reasons the Louis XIV period lends itself so well to the holiday season, is the compulsive partying. In almost every scene there is some cause to celebrate, have a drink, listen to music, gamble and, of course, eat cake!

Above, pictures from the movie depicting the lavish parties Marie, Louis and company took place in. (No wonder their country went to ruin). Top right, Set of Six Gold Chandelier Ornaments, center left, set of six Let Them Eat Cake ornaments., right set of six Fleur Medallion Ornaments, bottom right, Set of Twelve Rose Baubles Ornaments.
Tradition dictates Holiday color schemes be either red and green or deep jewel tones, but why not be ahead of the curve and try something different and go with this pastel palette. Choose a silky turquoise fabric for a table runner and plush hot pink velvet for ribbons; if ever there was time to be playful with decorating the holidays are it.

This queen has had a little too much fun for one night
Although a great look for the holidays this style is always in the fashion when it comes to your home; the Louis XIV look is an interior design staple, showing up in rooms across the country either in a floor to ceiling approach or in random items to complete a well appointed eclectic feel.
One of the things that made this movie so aesthetically pleasing was Coppola’s ability to blend modern colors with period pieces. Fun Fact: Coppola used hot pink in the movie, though the color was not used in clothes till the 1950s! At The Well Appointed House we have a large selection of products worthy of Versailles. This Louis XIV end table, like the movie, is classic in its structure but modern in its coloring.

Shown here in Blue Mai this same piece is offered in an array of different colors depending on what your room requires.

This Marie de Versailles console looks as though it belongs in Coppola’s movie with its pink coloring and intricate detailing around the top. The Versailles inspired can work even in the most untraditional of spaces; this Marie-Antoinette Chest of draws as a colorful, antiqued example of that. Each layer of drawers is shown in a different color although there are 30 different finishes to choose from, to customize the look for your own.

Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette are alive and well for the 2009 holiday season and beyond!
Photos from the major motion picture, Marie Antoinette.
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