Blue and White and Everything Nice

There is nothing groundbreaking about blue and white decor and yet, maybe that’s why we love it so much, it is truly classic.  Whether you have a tinge of nostalgia for the color combo because it lined your grandmother’s shelves or possibly, you’ve always dreamed of having blue and white china in a kitchen of your very own, but whatever the reason there is something about blue and white that allows it to hold its own against the trends. A beautiful example of blue and white meets modern comes from style-setter Aerin Lauder as we reported on in September.

There is a natural elegance to her rooms that we keep coming back to as a reference point; the ultra modern finishes and unexpected pops of colors and prints takes her extensive blue and white porcelain collection to the next level of fabulousness.

If you weren’t as fortunate as Aerin to come into your blue and white collection, The Well Appointed House has your back.  New to our website is our 22 piece porcelain collection; an ideal starter set.

There are so many pieces, meaning the possibilities as to what to do with them are endless. Install shelves like Aerin did above, display in cabinets or arrange throughout your home. What Lauder chose to do was use blue and white as a theme throughout her house, creating a cohesive theme.

The blue and white porcelain looks especially modern with the zebra print rug and the ultra traditional round table.  Its a perfect example of understated elegance rather than in your face fashion.

From our blue and white collection comes this set of six porcelain blue and white plates that are ideal for hanging on a wall or arranging on a table, like Aerin above.

Get innovative and customize your blue and white decor. This porcelain temple jar is a standout on its own for decorative purposes but make it work for you and turn it into a lamp.

Any lighting specialist should be able to wire the jar correctly and you get to pick a beautiful shade to accent the piece.  While on a recent buying expedition we saw this jar used with a gorgeous deep red silk shade and it looked fantastic!
We encourage you to take a cue from Aerin and take something old and dear and turn it into something modern and fresh that works with your style.
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