From Russia with Love!

I really enjoyed reading Eva MacSweeney’s article in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine (January 2010), From Russia With Love.  It is a fabulous look inside the Brooklyn brownstone of Charles and Olya Thompson.

All photographs by Francois Halard.  I have included a few below, but to see the complete article, visit the Vogue website:

I love the use of bold colors in both the rooms and on the children!  As a mother of three little ones myself, I was happy to see another stylish young mom dressing her kids in matching clothing.

I absolutely adore this photo.  It reminds me of some of the classic, old Slim Aarons photos of families in Palm Beach.  The three Thompson children, Natalie (age three), Anastasia (six) and Marusya (two) are fittingly enough blowing bubbles in front of the painting Summer Bubbles (2008) by Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky.  It looks as if her girls have jumped right out of the painting and come to life!  The photograph, by Francois Halard, looks like a work of art itself.

Here are the girls in their nursery after a petal-throwing party!  This multipanel mural painting, Windy, is also by Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky.  Again, the colors just pop.  The room is such an eclectic mix of colors, patterns and accessories of different periods, but it somehow works and has a cozy feel.

Their daughter, Anastasia, strikes a ballet pose in the sitting room, decorated in 18th-century period pieces.  I like the slipper chairs, upholstered in antique kilims.
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I have pulled a few colorful works that might give a similar feel:

These are just a few examples of our colorful art and we are adding many new items over the upcoming weeks!  Our new product picks for 2010 are slowly trickling onto the website, so stay tuned to our “New Items” link on the website!  Definitely check out this month’s Vogue.  There are some great articles on fashion trends for 2010.  It is a robust issue.
As I mentioned above, I love the way Olya dresses her kids in matching outfits for the pictures!  I will close with a photo of my three little ones on the first day of nursery school in September.  Believe it or not, this picture was snapped as we were running out the door at 7:30 in the morning!  My good friend, Katia Ford of Greenwich, had brought us the outfits as a gift:

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