Gaga Over Miami: Fun at the Mondrian Hotel & Asia de Cuba

As you may have seen in my previous post, I have just returned from a few days of R&R down in Miami with my husband, Carney.  We stayed at the Fontainebleau, spent New Year’s Eve ringing in the New Year with Lady Gaga and spent our last night in Miami dining at Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel with good friends, Ashley and Ben Renshaw.  Following dinner, we hit the bar/lounge area, which was designed by Marcel Wanders Studio.  The lounge area actually won a 2009 Gold Key Award in November of 2009 at the International Hotel/Motel Restaurant Show.  From the moment you walk into the hotel, it is surreal and I was quite impressed.  It has that Alice in Wonderland, other-worldly quality (please refer back to my previous post on the Bergdorf Goodman “Through the Looking Glass” Alice-inspired holiday windows).  I have spent time at many of the various hotels in South Beach and Miami over the years, and this one was truly unique.  If you have the chance, definitely pay them a visit.  The food was good at Asia de Cuba, but best of all, we had fun.  It is the kind of place that makes you want to have “just one more drink” and keep the night going…it gets two thumbs up from me.
Here are some photos of the main areas and by the pool:

When I was sitting at the bar sipping my lycheetini, I just couldn’t stop thinking about our Ribbed Cylinder Lamp in White Glass – I know, not what I should be thinking when on vacation – but The Well Appointed House is never far from my mind…

I loved the contrast between black and white utilized in the main areas, so for inspiration, check out my Black Collection and my White Collection.
-Melissa Hawks
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  1. Abby

    Hi Melissa, I was amazed with this post. I can’t believe that there’s that ringing bell style of chandelier, is it that big?. I think it is so heavy but unique. I can only see it at church, really. I love the idea of candles in the table which is the cultured way of dinner and I will agree with you with the black and white contrast, it seems so managed and it is pleasing to the eyes.

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