Our New Year’s Resolution: More New Products!

At The Well Appointed House we are always on the look out for items to make a well appointed home, which is why we are starting 2010 out right and finding the best of what’s new and fab in home decor.  Each week more and more products are added to the “new items” section of the website so before we retire them to our collection of more than 9,000 products and countless categories here are a few worthy of a closer click.

1. The X bench has gone wild… and we don’t hate it!

The “X-bench” has become an overnight classic with Jonathan Adler’s growing popularity and it’s big “cover” moment on Margaret Russell’s Style and Substance.  We love it for it’s versatility (put two together to get a coffee table, or under a console for some surprise color) and we aren’t alone.  We do carry the original in a myriad of different fabrics and prints but have just recently added a new version in this great white croc or faux python.

Taking a walk on the wild side never looked this chic.

2. Shed some light on the unusual!
Its well known that chandeliers are statement making pieces, but with The Well Appointed House‘s new lighting fixtures, turning on the lights never looked this good. We are quite pleased with the variety of different styles of chandeliers, pendants and table lamps we carry, but that doesn’t mean we stopped looking. These great “bubble” chandeliers are amazing and would look great in any bathroom or laundry room; spots that normally get overlooked, but are still important. The Hanging Glass Bubble Cluster Chandelier measures 41.5 inches long, perfect for those bathrooms with high ceilings but not a lot of width.
While on a recent buying expedition we couldn’t help but stare in awe of this Hanging Glass Bubble Chandelier.
The glass bubbles are held together by invisible wire and seeing it hung from the ceiling, well, we were hooked.  Its such an original piece and hanging it in somewhere unexpected or in a room in need of a little design TLC will have guests’ jaws dropping.  Not to burst the bubble craze, but equally as impressive is our Hanging Glass Link Chandelier.
A favorite among decorators, the rectangular shape and the layered glass links creates a truly modern, romantic vibe. Great for dinning rooms or above a funky breakfast nook, we have a sneaky suspicion this light is going to be a favorite among Well Appointed House customers.
3. Pop Culture Uncovered
Putting a poster of your favorite celebrity may seem a little “undergrad chic” shall we call it? But with these rare framed prints capturing intimate, never before seen moments of the world’s most famous icons, your room will look more like a photography gallery rather than Patrick 316. We will be adding more and more prints weekly (what, we can’t give it to you all at once, what’s the fun in that?) but if you have a particular subject in mind don’t hesitate to email us at customerservice@wellappointedhouse.com and we can see if we have anything coming in that is perfect for you.
Own Marilyn in convo, John in shades or Peter O’Toole in character, just to name a few. We also are in the midst of adding archive collections.
  These sets of ten prints come in various sizes but are uniformly framed to create one impressive photo montage or can be broken up and used throughout a room or house. Be sure to check back regularly for even more archive collection and various prints.
Oil Paintings with a Punk Rock Make-over
Mixing the old with the new never looked this cool with the new additions to our wall art collection. The Portrait of a Young Man Oil Painting replicates a period man styled with either red, yellow or blue hair.
We think he looks fabulous either way, but to create a Warhol-esqe look try the three lined together.  Also not to be missed is a piece that nearly sent our staff into a bidding war… The Lady Henrietta Oil Painting.

From an editorial standpoint, we think she would look great simply leaning against a wall to go with her deconstructed elegance.  The background paint drips into itself and purposefully bleeds down her dress for a very modern feel, which is a lovely juxtaposition against the museum-like quality stance.

Be sure to check back weekly as we expand our ever growing site!
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