A Well Appointed House: A Peek Inside Coco Chanel’s Apartment

At The Well Appointed House we are very preoccupied with finding where high fashion and haute home decor meet, which is why we are so excited for the upcoming New York Fall Fashion Shows, starting this Thursday.  In honor of all things fashion, furnishings and fabulous we decided to take a closer look at the Queen of fashion, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.  Here is a look inside 31 Rue Cambon.

 Is it what you were expecting? The woman who revolutionized modern fashion kept things more traditional when it came to decorating her own apartment.  She did keep with her black and white staple color palette, but there is a strong presence of chinoiserie styling with golden accents.

Love the hand painted wall art against the rich walnut walls; it really ties in the grand glamour that the gold brings in.

Her sitting room is perfection with the grand venetian mirror above the very modern sofa (done in suede).  While at the New York International Gift Show we noticed traditional, ornate mirrors making a serious comeback, like our 18th Century Tuscan Style Mirror, which would’ve fit right into Coco’s apartment.

Hand painted and carved elements, as we see in the panel screen below, create a custom, made-for-you atmosphere.  

We love our Yin Four Panel Screen for just that reason, it looks as though it was hand painted just for your home.
Even if you are not into a lot of Asian details, something like this shade can work with a modern, eclectic space that is rich in neutrals.  To take these hand painted accents to the next level, Chanel’s home, like the line, takes a classic shape and sends it into over drive with some serious bling.
Unless you were personally invited by Chanel herself, no one was allowed into her private apartment, but here is an in depth look at her private quarters from Vogue TV.  Sorry we were unable to spray Number 5 around you as you would’ve smelt upon entering.

The lighting in her apartment, which has been left untouched since her death, is what takes the room to another level.  Above, her chandelier in the main sitting room has the iconic “CC” design hidden throughout the crystals. 

 This caramel, cream, black and white chandelier reflects the colors we see in the room and brings them to new heights (literally).

The Well Appointed House loves a chandelier that makes a statement even when the lights are off.  Coco might’ve considered the following lights if she was shopping our site today:
The Belmont Chandelier has that golden glamour.
The Winter Palace Chandelier looks most like the one we see in her main sitting room.
Our Brigitte Antique Gold Chandelier is a more modern take on the lighting seen in Chanel’s apartment, but we think she would’ve enjoyed the beaded crystals and wine colored accents.  Rest assured she would definitely joined the trends and used this chandelier for its “green” energy efficient LED lights.
Ever ahead of the trends, Coco Chanel’s sitting room would’ve fit in perfectly with the current birdcage craze.
To kick off New York City Fashion week we’ve selected some of the best from Chanel’s spring 2010 Couture line in Paris.  It was hard to pick just a handful of these beautiful original creations so bear with me; the following is undeniably Chanel, using sparkles and shimmer in unexpected places.

 Chanel’s iconic tweed suit gets an update paired with a full short and styled with metallic accessories.  Head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, makes a statement in the bracelets, which really looks more like a bejeweled glove than anything else.

Metallics add a pop to your daytime dressing.

 The unusual materials take these traditional shapes and makes them progressive.

 We can’t wait to see some of these looks popping up on the red carpet during the Oscars.

Be sure to check back later this week at The Well Appointed House Blog for a full report on fashion week and how to bring the trends from the runways to your rooms.
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