Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week: Taking Cues from Art, Fur is In, Menswear is Big and Black is Back!

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is in full swing.  It is always interesting to see the overlap between the world of art and interior design and fashion!

Russian-born designer, Marina Solomatnikova, is debuting her women’s wear collection.  She has credited a well-known artist her first collection.  According to Solomnatnikova said, “My primary inspiration for my thesis collection came from Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings showing pieces in nature from an unusual perspective.  Images as flowers on the horse skull against a sandy surface, mother of pearls with colors changing from pure white to night black, white seashells contrasting against the multicolored dark background – these all found their way into my collection.  The combination of tough natural forms with fragile airy elements married silk chiffon and suede in my collection.  The multilayered landscapes inspired pleats and trapunto quilting designs.  Curvy, continuous, flowing lines in her paintings inspired the complex drapes and silhouettes of my outfits.”  So often we see fashion designers taking cues from the world around them.

Fur is making a comeback…and fashion writer Samantha Critchell says that fashionable women would do well to raid their boyfriends’ closets come fall.  Menswear influences were seen throughout the collections of Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Rag & Bone and even Diane von Furstenberg.

Black is back!  Critchell said that black was the color of choice on the runways Saturday and that three out of four editors in the front rows wore black.  I am seeing a lot of black in new 2010 home products – fabulous black mirrors and accent pieces.  Check out my Black Collections at The Well Appointed House if you want to not only wear black, but have it in your home.

Twinkle by Wenlan had their show Saturday at 6PM on the Promenade.  This is a great example of fashion/interior design/home products overlap.  Designer Wenlan Chia’s collection has grown to include ready to wear, accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, a book series and yarn collection.  I am excited to report that we will be carrying her fabulous line of home products at The Well Appointed House.  She is showing a lot of black and white in her latest collection.  See her runway looks from this weekend here:

Further proof of the intersection of fashion and interior design: New York Fashion Week hired home furnishing masterminds Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams to design the Mercedez-Benz Star Lounge. Here are some pictures of their space from their facebook page:

More interesting news on the fashion/interior design front: Fashion designer, Zac Posen, is unveiling his interior design talent at a new boutique condo development at 16 West 21st Street in New York City.  Here is an interesting Q&A on the new project, where Zac said his design vision for the building is to invoke desire and bring warmth and regality to industrial NYC.  He is busy designing the model apartment. 

When asked what elements of designing fashion were applicable to interior design, he said, “I was born qualified, I consider myself an aesthete.

Enough said…..

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