Snowed In, In NYC…but the store windows remain dry!

Well the weather sure is frightful and sadly enough the apartment doesn’t have a fireplace-not so delightful- but boy is it nice to look at!  Here are some shots of New York City on this snowy day!

 A snowy scene from Park Avenue!
 Ahh, Hermes! Even through the snow the windows look warm.

Some wishful thinking from Donna Karen.  All the spring windows are up throughout the street, now only if the weather caught up with the fashion.

Beautiful Central Park.
Bergdorf Goodman shines through the storm.
It would be nice to look through the all glass walls of the apple store… if you had the time to wait on that line to get in!
Above and below, pictures from the windows at Bergdorf.  Loved the bright colors and fun “peace and love” vibe.  Those sandals certainly wouldn’t have gotten anyone very far in this snow.
Oh Chanel, we love you so, and those shorts are too cute, but sadly, in this weather, those are more than a pipe dream.  Another pipe dream? Being able to pull off that throw back to the thirties “Wintour”-esq bob. 
Perfectly pastel, the Burberry window makes us long for warmer days and for February’s snow fall to turn into April showers.
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